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Thanks to Vintage Kilo shops, Paris now finds a way to gift someone vintage pieces this Christmas without breaking their banks. It is a whole new concept of Christmas shopping that is fun and thrilling. The most exciting part is getting your hands stuck in and finding pieces that you know your love one would treasure for a lifetime.
In a world where everyone else seems to wear and look the same clothes all over again, Vintage Kilo shops offers Christmas shoppers the way to find their individuality. For those who have the guts and nerve to stand out apart from the crowd, become a true “fashionista,” then Vintage Kilo shops is definitely there answer.
You can never be wrong with rummaging vintage clothes this Christmas because even high street stores are copying their fashion styles in the hope to out win competitors. Then again, there is no greater feeling when somebody approaches and says, “Where did you get that piece?” or when people thing that what you are wearing is too expensive for them to bear. And yes, I know you will probably smile away with a thought, “You will be surprised how much I paid for it,” and probably throw an imaginary wink on your mind.
If you think it is hard, think again. What is hard is when you cannot get enough time to make a round trip given that every shelf is full of fabulous finds. Believe me, it is never exaggerated when I say, that you can actually spend half a day finding great deals for your money.
This yuletide season, Vintage Kilo shops have a lot to offer. Great finds starts from vintage designer bags from high end brands, such as Channel, L.V. YSL, Celine, and many more. Likewise, they have vintage jewelries that can delight anyone. These pieces’ fashion style can go a long way and can even become an heirloom for generations to pass. They also have designer scarves, jackets, cardigans, blouses, etc.
Fashion in Paris
The concept of Vintage Kilo shops is the same as buying your fruits and vegetables. You pay for their weight, not their value. You can buy one item or fifty or a hundred, it is all up to you. Once you have picked your new treasure, try them on, then take them to their weighing scale, and viola you have new clothes to strut off the aisle.
Take note, however, that some Vintage Kilo shops will let you pay and entrance fee before you can grab their kilo bags, whereas others will let you get to work immediately, such as the Kilo Shop, the biggest vintage store in Paris, with 6 stores located at various sites throughout Central Paris and Le Marais.
What is good about this shop is that the price per kilo depends on the color pick of your clothes. You get to pay 30 € /per kilo for white and black colors where as 20 € /per kilo is for pastille and rouge.
The big question is how many can you get for your kilo? Well, you will be surprised to know that your kilo can get you the following:

  • Six blouses of tees and shirts
  • twenty scarves
  • four dresses
  • one winter coat or three cardigans
  • three to four fashionable hats
  • and ten to twenty fabulous find accessories

Now, don’t you think that is more than enough value for your 20-30 € hard earned money?

Shopping tours in paris
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Here are my top 5 tips for you to get your best buy in half an hour or less:

  1. Before you get in, have a list in mind of what items to buy. – Immediately direct yourself to one particular shelf and focus there for your finds. If you spend time wandering without a specific item in mind, you will end up roaming the entire time and leave you empty handed.
  2. Do not be afraid to fight off groups of hipsters and bag great pieces. – Believe me, if you shy away, you will be left behind with nothing or pieces that others already have considered un-wearable.
  3. Mix and Match – variety is the key. Think of pieces that you can match with your old wardrobes, or pieces that would add new flare and look to them.
  4. Look for quality – remember these vintage pieces has gone through time, which means they have better durability than what the current market is offering. But, make sure that your new treasure is free from wear and tear, stains, and discoloration.
  5. Find Investments– Make sure that your pieces are fluxed with style and quality that can transcend another five to ten years.

To top it all, simply have fun while Christmas shopping and run away with your bags after with a big smile.