It is almost November, and the winter is in full swing. Thick coats, chunky scarves, and cute mittens adorn the shops in Paris, which each season, we undoubtly invest in, despite earlier forgotten self-promises that we have enough already! Winter is the perfect excuse to hug a mug of steaming creamy hot chocolate, with marshmallows AND sprinkles, because we need that extra bit of padding as it is just SO cold outside. It is also the perfect excuse to moan. Everybody moans and complains in the winter. more often than not, it is that they want to escape the grey cloud lined skies and go on holiday to find that lucrative sun, which seems somewhat of a distant memory now.

Shopping Paris
Sadly with my spending habits in Paris, savings are pretty much continuously low, and the reality of me getting away each winter is as slim as me gracing the A/W 2014 Paris Fashion Week catwalk! So how do we survive until the summer?

For Patricia, the first of our ‘Fabulous New designers’, the answer is simple. She wears her brand jewellery ‘Sur la route’.

Shopping in Paris

‘Sur la route’ is a line of handcrafted jewellery, inspired by Patricia’s own personal travels and voyages. Having carefully designed and created each piece in Paris, each individual item tells its own story and holds a piece of her passion for travelling. However, it is not only the theme of her bijoux collection that reflects her infatuation with travelling, the name of her brand ‘Sur la route’ (for those less francais-skilled, comme moi), literally means ‘on the road’.

Shopping in Paris

Patricia’s story first started two years ago, when she visited Marrakesh in Morocco. It was here, within one of their many grand bazaars did the Arabian magic taken hold of her! Enchanted by the bright colours, bold patterns, and the most wonderful memories, Patricia decided to bring the sun home with her, and weave the Moroccan magic into her jewellery. And so her ‘amour’ for the exotic and travelling begun.

Shopping in Paris

Patricia’s Inspiration behind ‘Sur la route!

Having collected more air-miles, than I have ‘Monoprix’ points when doing my shopping in Paris, Morocco and Cuba remain her favourites, and the ‘Hand of Fatima’, holds great significance for her, as her personal representation of voyaging.

Shopping in Paris
The ‘Hand of Fatima’

Patricia’s collection is modern, contemporary, and chic, but also individual- it is difficult to something that rivals this when shopping in Paris. From vibrant hues of pinks and orange, portraying the heat, contrasting with aquamarines, and blues, which symbolize the clear blue waters of the East, Patricia now has a collection of around 40-50 pieces, containing semi-precious, and precious stones, and is continually creating new styles and experimenting with new materials.

Shopping in Paris
A Precious stone pendant

For Patricia, when she wears one of her ‘Sur la route’ pieces in Paris, it feels like she is wearing a bit of her heart on her sleeve, (or neck!), and can feel the heat and passion, each item holds. ‘Sur la route’ is more than just a collection of jewellery, it is story of dreams and desire, and is just waiting for you to pick you piece and start your own journey today!

Shopping in Paris

We too, at FYP Headquarters, like most, are in need of some sun and warmth, so we have teamed up with Patricia to create an exclusively commissioned piece of jewellery for one of you lucky readers to win! Keep checking regularly our Facebook page for details of how to enter and win will be posted soon!

In the mean time, check out Patricia’s eboutiques at