Gucci have recently launched its newly made-over

‘Diamantissima bracelet ‘with a Fabulous rose and copper-toned

and gold-studded design.

Fashion in Paris

The ‘Diamantissima bracelet’ is reminiscent of their emblem of the label,

which was first created in the 1930s to accompany the brand.

In 2011, Gucci launched their Diamante jewellery motif

as the new

‘It’ graphic to follow suite to the success of Horsebit,

Bamboo and Icon motifs.

Fashion in Paris

This new design of the ‘Diamantissima bracelet’

now features an 18 carat rose gold guise,

and triangular ‘golden cabochons’ to give this bracelet

an edgy, studded and graphic 21st Century look.