Rose Market Vintage- Thrift Shopping in Paris at its BEST!

Finally. If FYP was a thrift/vintage shop, we would be this shop. Chic, timeless, designer with an air of luxury, character, all within a warm and welcoming environment.

Ok, perhaps it is more applicable to say, we would want to be this shop, but this is exactly what awaits you at ‘Rose Market Vintage’.

Rose Market Vintage is a small, yet perfectly formed vintage/thrift shop in the center of Paris, found in the trendy neigbourhood of the 9th arrondissement.

fashion paris

The bouquet is both owned, founded, and run by Florence and the power of her love for vintage items, and her very fashionable background, having worked high within the Italian fashion industry for many years.

Having started as a fashion blog of vintage items and thrift shops from around the world, demand became such that Rose Market Vintage was born. And we are very glad it was !

Within the white walls of Rose Vintage Market, you will find the most carefully hand-selected pieces of vintage clothing. Primarily scouted from Paris, (which Florence does personally EVERY single morning before the shop opens), it also features items from London, New York, Berlin and Brussels.

fashion paris

With an amazing selection of designer pieces, such as Chanel handbags, and Hermes scarves, to beautiful one-of-a-kind exceptional pieces, at prices that make you do a double-take in shock of how low they are, it is more than worth your while to go and have a browse. All we can say is good luck walking away empty handed !


Find Rose Market Vintage and their stunning collection at :

Rose Market Vintage: 5 rue Hippolyte Lebas 75009 Paris

tel: +33171930812

Open Tuesday- Friday 13-19h and Saturday 15-19h

Or alternatively online at


Thrift Shopping goes Cyber

Tried of trawling around all the vintage markets and thrift shops? Too busy and always seemingly missing that elusive vintage bargain?

Here at FYP, we have found the perfect solution for your thrifty troubles… Collector Square.

Fashion in Paris

This online vintage jewellery and accessory store, is the perfect spot to find a wide range of expertly assessed designer jewellery, watches and bags.

Fashion in Paris

Items include the most luxury brands such as contemporary Boucheron, Mauboussin, Cartier and Bulgari gems to the extremely rare 1958 Mickey Rolex.

Fashion in Paris

So sit back, relax and let Collector Square do the hard-work for you!

The Kilo Shop- Heavy Weight Vintage Champion of Paris

For those of you who have been following the FYP blog recently, will have noticed our focus upon Vintage Shops in Paris, and helping you decifer the vinatge good, bad and the ugly. Too often clothes in vintage shops are truely vintage, thanks to their unwearablilty and lack of any possible desirability, and so have stayed upon their hangers in the shop since the beginning of the century…

However, we have tracked down those goldust like vintage Chanel handbags, and the YSL earrings from the 1920s, you have been coveting in our series of articles. But its the turn of one of the main players of the ‘Vintage Game’, and the biggest Vintage store in Paris- The ‘Kilo Shop’.

Fashion in Paris

With now 6 stores located at various sites throughout Le Marais, and central Paris, the ‘Kilo Shop’ franchaise are taking over the retro revival!

Fashion in Paris

The concept is simple, you pay by weight. Much in the same fashion as you weigh your fruit and veg at the green groceres, you place you items on the scales and you pay depending on its weight.

Fashion in Paris

Stock turn around is quick, and obvioulsy every piece is one of a kind, paired with exceptionally good prices, it has fast become a firm favourite for hipsters and fashionistas alike, and houses everything from blouses, to belts, fur scarves to skirts and vintage shoes, it is most definitely worth a quick stop. Having said ‘quick stop’, good luck, is our advice ! We would be more than a little surprised if you managed to make a round trip in less than half an hour, given that their flapship store (and our personal favourite !) spans over 500m2, on 2 levels, and every rail and shelf is adorned with vintage jewels, that are irresiable to touch and try on.


The ‘Kilo Shop’ is a sure winner of a Vintage Shop in Paris, as there is something to suit everybody’s taste and everybody’s budget, within its renown black and red shop front. But please don’t tell everyone, as we want to get in there first !

Fashion in Paris

Find them at or alternatively check out their facebook page

Fashion in Paris

Swing When You’re Winning

Sticking with our ‘Vintage Shop in Le Marais, Paris’ week, FYP presents our third vintage treasure cove!

‘Mamz’elle Swing’

Fashion Paris


‘Mamz’elle Swing’, is found in the very center of Le Marais,

and has been opening its rose pink doors to customers since 1995,

and transporting them back through the years of fashion in the most stylish way.

fashion Paris

‘Mamz’elle Swing’ is run by Bérénice (founder and owner), and specializes in Vintage items from the 1920s through to the 1960s. Each item within her boutique is hand-picked, from either France or Belgium.

It is immediately obvious, the moment you step through the entrance and are greeted by vintage music and a warm smile, that ‘Mamz’elle Swing’ is more than a rummaging style thrift shop.

Every piece is of the best quality, and carefully selected, with their own story and memories that they hold inside, ready to start their next chapter with their new owner.

Bérénice’s passion for Vintage fashion shines through immediately, from her impeccably chosen outfit, to the retro-hair styles, and depth of knowledge, tips, advice. Not only does she have passion for Vintage fashion, but it is more than that, it is a life-style, and it is that which she sells with each item that leaves that rose pink door.

‘Mamz’elle Swing’

35 Rue du Roi de Sicile

75004 Paris, France

fashion paris

Vintage Stores in Le Marais #2

Today is the stylish turn of ‘Yukiko’ Vintage shop in Le Marais, Paris

Fashion in Paris

Yukiko is like your most stylish girlfriend’s closet, filled with bags, shoes and accessories by classic designers like Dior and Chanel. Owner Yukiko also has her own line of new clothing. If you walk out dressed head-to-toe in Yukiko’s wares you’ll turn heads for your on-trend threads rather than for wearing anything obviously “from the past.”

Fashion in Paris

Beautiful basics are the thing here, with that added, secret thrill of owning a bit of fashion history. Currently the site shows a nice collection of vintage Chanel and Gucci accessories.

Fashion in Paris

Tél: 01 4277 7395

97, rue Vieille du Temple, Paris

Open: Tuesday-Saturday   11am-1pm; 2-7pm

Métro: Saint-Sébastien-Froissart

Fashion in Paris

Vintage Week here at FYP

So as most know, next week in Paris is ‘Haute Couture Week Spring/Summer 2014’.

Already the shows have kicked off in Milan, and this year’s offerings are as amazing as ever!

Fashion in Paris

However, here at FYP, we are taking a retrospective step back and before diving into the world of lace, luxury and couture next week,

we are going to be having a Vintage/ Thrift store week, focusing specifically

on one of our favourite quartiers in Paris- Le Marais.

Fashion in Paris

Each day, FYP will let you into one of our best kept secrets of where we bag the best vintage items.

Whether you are searching for a pair of Vintage Levi jeans, or perhaps a Classic ‘Timeless’ Chanel handbag,

FYP will give you the ultimate vintage/thrift shopping guide to

Le Marais to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Fashion in Paris

Shhh! Don’t tell everyone- this secret is between us and you!

Let’s start with a bit of Lux!

                                                                                                                                                                      La Jolie Garde-Robe

Fashion in Paris

Small, exclusive-feeling and known mainly among designers and fashion-loving locals

rather than the tourist-flooded stores in the Haut Marais,

La Jolie Garde-Robe is one-of-a-kind. As with its garde-robe (antique wardrobe),

the clothes you’ll find here are delicate and refined designer pieces from a mix of French labels

including Chanel, YSL, Céline, Charles Jourdan and Hermès.

There’s a special emphasis on ‘60s bits, so if you’ve a hankering for a shift dress or cat’s eye sunglasses, here’s your chance.

Fashion in Paris

La Jolie Garde-Robe [no website]

Tél: 01 4272 1390

15, rue Commines, Paris 3rd

Métro: Filles du Calvaire

Open Tuesday-Saturday 1-7:30pm

New Vintage Designer in Paris

Have you ever looked inside of your wardrobe and thought ‘I have nothing to wear !’ , despite the fact that you can not close the door because it is bursting at the sems, and your shoe collection looks like a fashionista’s form of Jenga.

Oui ?

Us too ! Almost everyday.

When the new Vogue magazine arrives at the FYP office in Paris each month, the door needs to be almost locked and the key thrown away to stop us from running out the door, grabbing the first taxi and heading straight to the Champs-Elysee to go shopping !

Shopping in Paris

It seems this problem is somewhat on a global scale, (which is comforting to our guilty concious but not so much to our abused credit cards). And so it leads us on to introduce our newest fashion collaboration. Kamomeya.

Fashion in Paris

Kamomeya’s Logo

Kamomeya is a vintage clothing boutique, that specialises in vintage Japanese clothing from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Owned by Jule Jung, the creation of Kamomeya in 2009, is a story dreams, passion, love of fashion, and something we can all relate to- an overflowing warbrobe !

Paris fashion

Kamoneya’s story begins when Jule was 16 or 17 years old, and living at home in Korean. It was around then she started to explore her mother’s warbdrobe, which contained garments from the 1960s and 1970s. Soon a simple exploration developped into a full-blown love affair, as Jule began to purchase original vintage items, from the 60s and 70s, for her own wardbrobe. The lure of full skirts, delicate blouses, and beautiful detailing quickly became too much to stop, and by 2002 Jule’s vintage warbrode was larger than waiting list for the next season ‘IT’ bag by Louis Vutton.

Sadly there comes a point in every girl’s warbrobe, when you simply have too much, whether you still routinely use all the items or not. And so, Jule’s mother lay down the rule, that some of her clothes had to go. But where ? They were simply too beautiful to throw away !

Et voilà ! The concept of Kamomeya was born.

shopping in paris

Although Kamomeya’s collection is primarily vintage Japanese articles, it contains clothing from Jule’s travels around the world, and each piece has their own story to tell.

Find the Kamomeya Collection online at Jule’s Esty store- or at