“Vintage inspired luxury and design with comfort in mind”

Sounds like every girl’s dream no?

Well, that is exactly what Natalie Vella, AKA MadEmoiselle Sugar,

Owner, Designer, Creator, and Photographer of ‘

Love Me Sugar’ makes reality every time

she creates another piece of lingerie to add to her collection.

Fashion in Paris ‘Love Me Sugar’ was created in 2010,

when Natalie emigrated from naïve Australia to the Capital of Fashion, Paris.

Inspired by the apparent lack of availability decent sleeping masks to mask the sounds of her noisy street,

Natalie stumbled upon a niche in the Parisian Fashion market…

Beautiful, hand-made, vintage style eye masks. And so ‘Love Me Sugar’ was born!

 Fashion in Paris

Not only did her idea of ‘Love Me Sugar’ come from her own personal needs

but was also fuelled by a passion for combining

vintage and modern styles as well as comfort into luxury,

hand made eye lingerie, using the most beautiful fabrics,

such as satins, cottons and silks, to complement her chic lingerie designs.

Fashion in Paris

Natalie’s company ‘Love Me Sugar’ started as a mere experiment in 2010,

but has grown from strength to strength,

with a large collection containing not only eye-masks,

but other items such as ear-plugs, all of which are available

for purchase at her e-boutique

at Etsy.fr (http://www.etsy.com/shop/lovemesugar ).

Fashion in Paris

Not only that but if you are Paris, Natalie will have a pop-up ‘Love Me Sugar’ store

from 17 to 23 rd December for last minute Xmas ideas..

at an Exposition ‘Galerie de la Mode’.

You can find her at 72 Rue de la Villette, 75019, Paris!

Fashion in Paris