While Parisian boutiques and fashion houses are renowned for their stylish merchandise, the same can’t be said of their affordability. During the beginning of my stay, I was surprised to discover that boutiques in Paris didn’t have a permanent ‘discounts’ rack like stores in the US- there never seemed to be any sales going on! Of course, this notion was quickly erased from my head come January, when the winter sales started and suddenly the city was full of slashed prices. It was as if all the discounts usually available during the year bundled up together to form a ‘super-discount’- yes, the deals are that good. So, with the Summer sales commencing today, here’s a guide on making the most of the sales… while spending the least money. Happy Shopping!
Soldes at Department Stores
While the grands magasins like Galeries Lafayette and Printemps offer fairly large discounts and have a longer sale period- Galeries Lafayette’s sale goes on til the end of July- it’ll be crowded with many shoppers and tourists during the Soldes week as their sales are very well advertised. Since their sales go on longer than that at other boutiques, it’d be better to hit these places once the initial Soldes are over. However, if you’d like to hit the sales at department stores, try heading over to Frank et Fils in the 16th arrondissement; this small-scale department store carries many luxury and contemporary fashion lines that will be reduced by 30-40% this week. Since this is lesser known than the department stores at Blvd. Haussmann, you can enjoy your shopping in peace.

Opt for Frank et Fils in the 16e instead of the bigger and more well-known Department stores
Soldes at Boutiques
It’s hard to anticipate how individual boutiques-not the conglomerate-owned chains of clothing stores seen almost everywhere in the city- will dole out the discounts. Depots Ventes or second-hand stores, especially those that specializes in luxury goods, probably won’t have many discounts lined up this week, since they already offer their wares at heavily slashed prices. Still, if you want to check them out, opt for Reciproque in the 16th arrondissement’s Rue de la Pompe, the largest luxury consignment store in the city. Otherwise, head on over to Paris’ many shopping districts such as the Marais, which has many indie boutiques as well as contemporary labels. They won’t be as generous with their discounts as the fast fashion stores or the department stores, but you can probably find a unique piece to your liking for a reasonable price. Les Vignoles is a personal favorite- this boutique has many wares adorned with stereotypically Parisian, yet somehow non-tacky, motifs.

Window-shop in the Marais to catch some unexpected discounts

Les Vignoles in the Marais
Fast Fashion Soldes
To conclude, we must discuss the Soldes at High Street chain boutiques such as Zara, H&M , and Etam. To be honest, these stores will have the biggest discounts with cheapest price tags; however, because the prices (and the quality) are already low at these places, the payoff won’t be as great as the once-expensive wares you can get from department stores and individual boutiques. With that being said, these stores have their offerings as well: Zara is a great source of affordable footwear, H&M carries all the basic clothing staples and Etam has the most adorable sets of lingerie. Don’t spend all your money at High-Street stores, but don’t feel that you have to avoid them either.

Always affordable!
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