The Kilo Shop- Heavy Weight Vintage Champion of Paris

For those of you who have been following the FYP blog recently, will have noticed our focus upon Vintage Shops in Paris, and helping you decifer the vinatge good, bad and the ugly. Too often clothes in vintage shops are truely vintage, thanks to their unwearablilty and lack of any possible desirability, and so have stayed upon their hangers in the shop since the beginning of the century…
However, we have tracked down those goldust like vintage Chanel handbags, and the YSL earrings from the 1920s, you have been coveting in our series of articles. But its the turn of one of the main players of the ‘Vintage Game’, and the biggest Vintage store in Paris- The ‘Kilo Shop’.
Fashion in Paris
With now 6 stores located at various sites throughout Le Marais, and central Paris, the ‘Kilo Shop’ franchaise are taking over the retro revival!
Fashion in Paris
The concept is simple, you pay by weight. Much in the same fashion as you weigh your fruit and veg at the green groceres, you place you items on the scales and you pay depending on its weight.
Fashion in Paris
Stock turn around is quick, and obvioulsy every piece is one of a kind, paired with exceptionally good prices, it has fast become a firm favourite for hipsters and fashionistas alike, and houses everything from blouses, to belts, fur scarves to skirts and vintage shoes, it is most definitely worth a quick stop. Having said ‘quick stop’, good luck, is our advice ! We would be more than a little surprised if you managed to make a round trip in less than half an hour, given that their flapship store (and our personal favourite !) spans over 500m2, on 2 levels, and every rail and shelf is adorned with vintage jewels, that are irresiable to touch and try on.
The ‘Kilo Shop’ is a sure winner of a Vintage Shop in Paris, as there is something to suit everybody’s
taste and everybody’s budget, within its renown black and red shop front. But please don’t tell everyone,
as we want to get in there first !
Fashion in Paris
Find them at www.kilo-shop.fr or alternatively
check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kilo-Shop-France/285124804909385
Fashion in Paris

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