Bloomin’ Paris! How to enjoy a Parisian Spring ♥

Paris is simply wonderful-and, as anyone who’s encountered them knows, so are flowers.
Their vivid colors and luscious scents have an irresistible beauty that prompts us to fill our surroundings with them, a symbol of nature’s finesse.
Spring, or printemps, is the magical time of year when flowers settle in Paris; the beauty already present is enhanced by them, adding brightness to a previous gloomy capital.
They’re not going to be around forever, though, so why not make the most of their stay and enjoy what they have to offer? Thus, here are some suggestions on spending a flower-filled printemps.
Flower Tasting:
Café Pouchkine‘s specialty, the Rose du Tsar, features a creamy, fruit-infused sphere surrounded by chocolate rose petals. Enjoy it on the terrace seats (in the midst of the grands magasins) with some Orange Blossom tea.
Ladurée’s pack of candied violets are perfect for a casual floral snack.
Hediard’s Rose Petal Jelly complements a crepe, croissant or a piece of French toast deliciously.
– Flavor your coffees and yoghurts with some honey from La Maison du Miel; the Lavender Honey is exquisite.

Wearing Floral:

– Head to Cacharel for airy blouses and dresses-the ideal Spring wardrobe- made in romantic floral print fabric.
– Pick up a fresh bouquet from Rambert Rigaud Fleuriste en Herbe to match the day’s outfit.
– Smell like the prettiest flower with perfumes from Les Parfums de Rosine, a small perfumerie that specializes in Rose-based scents.
– Splurge on Camellia-adorned sandals from, of course, Chanel. The white Camellia flower (also seen on Chanel shopping bags) was Coco Chanel’s favorite flower.

Flower Fields:

– The Jardin des Plantes, located in the Quartier Latin, houses myriad species of flowers in every type, form and color. The garden also boasts a menagerie and a labyrinth on site, ideal for a playful afternoon.
– The Promenade Plantée in Bastille is, like the name suggests, the go-to place for a flower-filled walk, a narrow road of nature built atop an old railroad track. Make sure to catch its rows of cherry blossom trees in bloom!
– Take a day trip to Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon in Versailles: the English-style garden, together with the farmhouses and swans, will make for an idyllic afternoon.
– Of course, the Jardin du Luxembourg and Jardins des Tuileries cannot be forgotten! A place to see and be seen, put your best fashion game forward when visiting these historic and picturesque gardens.
What do you like to do to incorporate some flowers in your life? Let us know down below in the comments section- and enjoy Spring while it lasts, ladies ♥

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