Window-Shopping Paradise: The Fabulous Boutiques of Rue Saint Honoré Part 3

You’ve always got to be prepared for some bad weather in Paris- just today, I had to cut a shopping spree short as it suddenly started raining and I was short an umbrella. So if you’re planning a stroll down Saint-Honoré remember your umbrella- and your wallet, of course!;)


Dowse yourself in gilded luxury in this boutique on Faubourg-Saint Honoré: Christian Lacroix’s clothing features dramatic ruffles and ornaments, gold accents, and elegant headdresses all tied in with an underlying femininity.
Just looking at the beautifully adorned mannequins fills your heart (and imagination!)
For those who can’t afford the clothing, opt for their adorable stationary line, which offers all the charm and luxury of their collections without the high price tag.

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