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A personal stylist will help narrowing down your personal style and finding brands that align to update your wardrobe .

They can provide advice on what to wear according to your body shape, lifestyle and budget as well as building a capsule wardrobe. They can also give advice about what clothing to get rid of and which ones should be kept in your wardrobe and avoid buying clothes that may not look good on your body type.

There are different ways to get help with your style from style boxes, to in-store stylists, to online stylists, and more.

If you’re wondering about which styling option will be best for you, this post will answer all your questions:

  • What does a personal stylist do?
  • How do I find a stylist to hire?
  • What kind of personal stylist service is best for me?
  • How much does a personal stylist cost?
  • Is a stylist worth it?

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A personal stylist typically helps you with the following: wardrobe organization, shopping guidance  and personal image consulting. They will also help you put together outfits for different occasions, whether it be a job interview or a night out on the town.

As a personal shopper and stylist, I’m passionate about my mission to:

To help women incorporate Parisian Chic into their wardrobe and develop a timeless Parisian Chic-inspired personal style.

The best personal stylist will listen to your needs and preferences and will not try to convince you to dress like someone you’re not. Before hiring a personal stylist, ask if you can book a free consultation to ask questions and to share your style goals.


wardrobe stylist near me

It varies. You can get a styling session for free from an in-store stylist, but you will be limited to store.

Or, you can hire a stylist who will shop for you anywhere.

With style boxes, you are really just paying for the shipping fee. The stylists that work with you for the style box services are like an in-store stylist so the service is free.

Here’s a comparison of prices for styling services:

  • Personal styling (online or in-person): $75 to $300 dollars an hour. Some stylists charge per package.
  • Style box services: $20–$60; the fee usually goes towards the items you choose to purchase.
  • In-store stylists: free


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You’ll find the most credible ones on the Internet and they are not online services that have taken over page one and two of Google. As they will be large online personal stylist companies that they will help you to put looks together, but they are not qualified stylists but more like a retail sales person.

You can search online for a personal stylist with these keywords:

  • Personal stylist near me
  • Online personal shopper
  • Personal shopper


find a personal stylist near me

There are so many personal styling options available now. Let’s break these down with the pros and cons of each.


Style boxes are best for you if you:

  • Have a good sense of your style, but are too busy to shop
  • Are on a budget

Style boxes aren’t good for you if you:

  • Have way too much in your closet you aren’t wearing
  • Don’t understand your personal style


In-store personal stylists are best for you if you:

  • Want to add new items in your wardrobe and know exactly what to shop for that won’t add clutter to your closet
  • Need last minute help for an event, interview, or a special outfit

In-store stylists aren’t a good option if you:

  • Are unsure with what you want to add to your wardrobe
  • Need help in narrowing down your personal style
  • Want help adding new pieces in your current wardrobe


Personal stylists are best for you if you:

  • Want to understand your personal style
  • Want to build a wardrobe that’s functional and works for you
  • Don’t want to be limited to one store or one brand
  • Previously tried to figure out your style without success
  • Prefer personalized attention

Personal stylists aren’t a good option if you:

  • Have a tight budget
  • Aren’t ready to open up to new styles?
  • Aren’t ready to part with old items?


Absolutely! An online styling session can be an excellent way to add new pieces in your wardrobe and define your style without breaking the bank.

In the end, whether or not a personal stylist is worth it comes down to your own personal circumstances and goals. If you’re looking to overhaul your wardrobe, save time and money while getting some expert advice along the way, then hiring a personal stylist is definitely the way to go.

Are you searching for a personal stylist and want to learn more about the online and in-person styling services? Book a FREE Discovery Styling Call with me!

I’m Linda, your go to Stylist, Personal Shopper and Curator.

Whether we can walk together down the streets of Paris, or you would prefer the contactless virtual experience, I will enhance your wardrobe through inspiration, styling tips and tricks, and a curated shopping experience.

Read more about my story here.


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Ruby G
Amazing shopping experience!
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My daughter and I just got back from an fabulous shopping tour with Linda. The experience was fabulous from start to finish. Linda communicated with me via email and WhatsApp and she asked lots of questions about both me and my daughter’s style and our shopping needs and wants. She went above and beyond to help make the experience amazing. She took us to stores where she had hand picked items for both of us. Shopping in Paris can be overwhelming especially with a picky teen, but Linda really delivered. She also gave us great shopping recommendations for the rest of our day. Highly recommend her services!!!!
Incredible afternoon with a true local fashion expert
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Our afternoon with Linda was absolutely fantastic, and one we’ll never forget! We all (daughters 11, 14, and myself) found special items we are so excited about, and never would’ve found the fantastic clothes or brands she pointed out to us if it weren’t for her. She gave us advice on what worked and what didn’t, helped bridge the language barrier, and made 3 hours fly by. I would (hopefully will!) do it again in a heartbeat!!
Hollie B
Incredible afternoon with a true local fashion expert
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Linda hosted a Fashionista Experience for me, my 13YO and our 22YO friend. She has the best personality and style ideas. Her kindness and professionalism with my family and with store personnel was so very impressive as was her rapport with the saleswomen in the stores. Of our 10 days in Paris, this was one of our favorite outings and so different than anything else we did. No pressure to buy and such an in-depth knowledge of the area. When we ran out of time, she walked us by all the other places she didn't want us to miss. What a gem. Book her while you can.
Marianne D
A fabulous shopping spree!
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My favorite part was our guide, Linda! she was so kind and professional. She worked so well with both my granddaughters. They thought she was terrific. She understood their existing styles and preferences but then added tips and encouragement to update their current looks. Going shopping with Linda was my granddaughter's favorite part of the trip!
Lester S
Outstanding experience for a teen!
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Linda was superb: extremely organized and had clothes prepared in advance. And she gets along great with teenage girls—what else can you ask for? Thank you Linda!
Jessica s
The Perfect Experience!
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Linda asked many questions during the booking concerning budget, style, sizes, interest. It maximized our time together and led to some marvelous new and vintage finds. It was so much fun, too! Highly recommended experience for mother/daughter combo.
Susie d
Linda Is in a Category of One!
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Linda is not only an exquisite person, she is incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and a wonderful teacher. She is a brilliant fashion mentor, advising clients on everything from building the perfect capsule wardrobe to styling with fun accessories to suggesting shops that carry the perfect one-of-a-kind items to complete your look. I highly recommend an experience with Linda!
Guided shopping and styling in Paris with a teen
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Linda was really lovely , and patient too. She’s already selected many pieces for my teen ( and me) and was encouraging and supportive in her finding and exploring style . She was budget conscious and had a great eye and method of helping us to choose clothes .

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