How To Look like a Sophisticated Parisian: 8 tips that will blow your mind

How to Look Sophisticated

Looking classy has nothing to do with the price of your clothes or the material, it has everything to do with the way you pair your outfits, your confidence level, your style, and attitude, what are you matching, and what are you leaving out.

If you’re wondering how to look elegant and sophisticated, look no further, I’m here to spill all the secrets of the classy Fashion game. It’s all about projecting a wealthy vibe at all times.

Sophisticated Outfits

Tip 1:

 Always Wear Quality SunShades/ Glasses

Quality sunshades or glasses are no longer hard to find. You don’t have to save to buy Gucci or Chanel when there are many quality brands out there. Look for an upcoming sophisticated brand to buy your sun shades or normal glasses from.

Never buy sunglasses from a dollar store if you want to look classy.

elegant outfits for ladies
@Leia Sfez

Tip 2

Manicured Nails

The way your nails look says a lot about you! You can always manicure your nails at home, make sure to keep them polished in using neutral colors.

sophisticated outfits
@Costance Arnoult

Tip 3

Quality Accessories

You don’t need diamonds and gold to look classy. Invest in quality jewelry that won’t break the bank but won’t fade easily. The trick is to buy from small businesses or brands, they give you quality for less because they’re still growing.

Don’t over-accessorize, keep it simple yet noticeable, that’s how to look classy and elegant.

how to dress classy
@Sabine Socol

Tip 4

Wear Quality Fabrics

Next time you go shopping, go for clothes made of satin, silk, chiffon, they always look classy no matter how simple the style. Especially silk and satin, when paired with heels you will look like you’re straight out of a castle.

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@Estelle Lefebure

Tip 5

 Always wear only one Statement Piece

Make something stand out, always wear something that speaks louder than the rest of your clothes, it could be your bag, or shoes, or bangles.

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@Scheenia Donia

Tip 6

Never have a messy hair

Your hair says a lot about you. A well-groomed hair speaks classy and elegant. Wear your hair in a clean bun or leave it flowing just make sure it’s clean and smooth. Your hair is part of your outfit.

elegant classy outfits
@Sabine Socol

Tip 7

Always Smell Nice

The way you smell is also part of your outfit. Regardless of how stunning you look, a nice scent will always grab the attention of people faster. Classy people always smell absolutely nice. Invest in classic perfumes!

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@Louise Follain

 Tip 8

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

Keep it simple, that’s how to stay classy and elegant. A classic red lipstick and eyeliner can be more than enough sometimes.

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@Jeanne Damas


Embrace Classic Fashion Styles

Classic pieces never go out of style! Instead of trendy clothes, that you will find on literally everyone in your city, go for classic, timeless pieces. You can style them in numerous ways, I’m talking about a classic plain pants, a black dress, blazers with classic cuts, classic shoes and more.

sophisticated looks for ladies
@Leia Sfez

Tip 10

Invest in Stylish Accessories

Chanel bags or purses, sophisticated sunglasses, a combination of black and gold chains, statement earrings, and more are all stylish accessories you can invest in. It doesn’t have to be diamond, go for jewelry that doesn’t fade easily, you can go for sunglasses from upcoming brands that give quality for less.

Sophisticated casual outfits
@Anne-Laure Mais

Tip 11

Wear Tailored Clothing

You cannot go wrong with tailored clothing, it’s sophisticated and sewn to your perfect body fit and they’re also unique.

You can’t find them everywhere so they give you this expensive one-of-a-kind look.

sophisticated looks for ladies

sophisticated outfits
@Anne-Laure Mais

Tip 12

Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe means having an outfit for every occasion. Preparing for things beforehand will get rid of the stress of searching for outfits and wearing something unsuitable when the time comes.

Luckily I can help you build your capsule wardrobe download here.

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