Emily In Paris: French Style Clothing and Cliches

Netflix’s Emily in Paris is the story of a young girl from America

French Style Dress
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who had to go on a 3 years work trip to Paris to replace her pregnant boss. The series is about how Emily navigates life in Paris (the fashion, her colleagues, the men, the locals, and whatnot) while working in a digital marketing company.

French Style Clothing

Like many other Parisians, I have noticed the series is packed full of cliches and stereotypes of French fashion and the Parisian way of life in general.

I would love to talk about some of these cliches here, so buckle your seatbelt, and let’s go on a demystifying ride.

Paris Style Clothing
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French Style Clothing

The Beret and Everyday Stilettos

Come on! This isn’t 1835; French Fashion has definitely evolved over millenniums; the beret is no longer a ‘French thing,’ So I would say the beret thing is such a cliché. Throughout the season, apart from the beret or hat she wore with almost every outfit, Emily rocked stilettos every day, everywhere. Paris is such a busy city and locals are always on the move walking.

This is why Parisian ladies are always looking for chic and stylish ways to stay comfortable, so it’s common to see Parisian girls rock sneakers, fancy slippers, and loafers.

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The Outfit Combinations

French Style Outfits
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We all have to agree that some of Emily’s outfits were a total no and do not depict anything French Fashion. Her combination of patterns and different hats were a huge no-no. Although there were ‘J’adore!’ moments like this scene, where she wore a chic black dress.

Taking a little swerve off the fashion road, let’s talk about the unending sequence of very attractive French men on every street corner in the series; I’m not saying French men aren’t handsome; I’m just saying moderation is key. It’s not like you walk around Paris every day and see attractive men ready to greet you with a La Bise.

Okay, back to the fashion lane, it is absolutely cringe-worthy to note that Emily layers accessories upon accessories, from the beret to the gloves, to the booties! This is so not Parisian style French Fashion is all about looking classy, chic, cool, and stylish all at the same time, making one element the star while stylishly toning down the others! Phew!

French Dressing Style
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So, in conclusion, if you’re looking for a show that highlights chic French style or Parisian inspired style maybe Emily in Paris shouldn’t be top on your list. But for binge-watching to have fun and relax? Sure, why not!

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