5 French Girl Style Tips to Steal From a Stylist

French Girl Style

Do you want to be as stylish as a french woman? Have you wondered what French women do to always look so sophisticated?

I have the answers! There are some basic fashion rules every French woman swears by,
and I’ve put a few of them together for you.

By following these tips, you can achieve that effortless look every French woman has.

Style French

1.No sky-high heels:

Parisian fashion is all about looking simple and chic!

Comfort is a top priority. You will hardly ever find a French woman wearing sky-high heels. Platform shoes or midi heels are the French woman’s go-to.

Only wear heels you can walk comfortably in!

French Girl Style

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2.Go easy on the Makeup:

French women love sophisticated simplicity! When you wear something highly chic in Parisian Fashion, you have to wear really simple makeup, or just red lipstick will do!
Parisian Girl  
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Every French woman has one tailored blazer in her wardrobe. A beautiful blazer is a knot that ties any outfit together.

4. Always define your waist:

French women love to show off their figure but in a very subtle way. Even when you wear loose-fitting clothes, a belt or a blazer will do the trick!

French Women Style

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5. Invest in Outerwear:

Every French woman invests in a crazy amount of outerwear, from long coats and leather jackets to suede coats and blazers. The outerwear should always make a statement because what you wear underneath; doesn’t need to be shouty.
Parisian Dress

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