French Fashion and Parisian Style: The Ultimate Guide

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French fashion has always been known for simplicity and elegance. A French capsule wardrobe is a minimalistic collection of about 10-12 essential pieces of day and evening wear, suitable for all occasions.

The items selected for a French wardrobe should be simple, functional pieces that can be easily mixed and matched.

A carefully selected French wardrobe consists of well-made clothing that will stand the test of time. Ideally, each piece of clothing should last 10 years. Fewer outfits mean that each outfit will be worn more often, so the quality is a must. As the French usually spare no expense when it comes to quality.

French Fashion
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Here the Ultimate Guide To French Fashion and Parisian Style

Find out if you Are you a Chic Parisian? Sophisticated Parisian? Bohemiam Parisian? or Are you an Avant-Garde Parisian!

Parisian Style

Parisian Girl Style Capsule Wardrobe

Parisian Chic Style
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You’ll learn the rules French girls follow to achieve that effortless but always stylish look.

The French girl style is all about choosing high-quality pieces that are timeless, versatile and that work well together.

 Dress Like a Parisian Woman Over 50

How To dress like a Parisian
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The focus of the French wardrobe is on high quality, classic pieces that fit impeccably.  The look is ageless, which makes it ideal for women over 50.

Grab here your Parisian Capsule wardrobe Checklist

How To dress like a Parisian




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