5 Tips: How to achieve Parisian Look 2021

Winter is the best season for a visit to Paris; the beauty of the snow perched on roofs makes everywhere simply magical!

If you’re planning to visit Paris for winter, or you simply want to rock Parisian looks throughout the season, I have put together the best Parisian fashion winter combos for you. Parisian fashion in the winter is all about looking chic and warm at the same time. Here are some Parisian fashion staples that you have to rock this winter!

  1. WOOL COATS: Paired with blue or black denim pants, a wool coat adds that special zing. It is one way to stay sophisticated and warm at the same time.
@Judy Breeze
  1. TURTLE NECKS: Turtle necks are everything! When paired with tailored pants and denim and a statement necklace, turtle necks give you that chic winter look.
@Anne Laure Mais
  1. KNEE HIGH BOOTS: Take your winter style from toned down to ultra-sophisticated with knee-high boots.
@Judy Breeze
  1. WOOL HATS: Who doesn’t love a cool hat?! A hat goes a long way in completing and tying together a look. Parisians always go for plaid-colored coats, paired with denim and boots, then lock it in with a wool hat.
@Judy Breeze
  1. CARDIGANS: cardigans are a great way to add color and an extra touch to your look. Step up your winter outfit game with a pair of ankle boots, denim, and a colored cardigan.
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