Parisian Chic: A Style Guide + 7 Affordable French Clothing Brands

So you’ve taken my Style Type Quiz and determined that you’re a Chic Parisian! In this post, I want to share with you the secrets behind Parisian chic.

Being a personal shopper and stylist in Paris, I’ve also gathered for you the best affordable French clothing brands in Paris.

You’ll learn what Parisian style really is and how to achieve this classy style. And if you are wondering, what is the most popular fashion brand in France? What French brands to buy in Paris? Keep reading, As I’ll also share with you 7 affordable French clothing brands.

What defines Parisian style?

Parisian style is all about finding the right staples and accessories that are versatile and très chic. Mixing classic, timeless pieces with edgy and classy accessories and looking put together and laid-back at the same time. The key is to wear what you love and keep it simple.

How To Get Parisian Style: rules Parisian women always follow.

1. Less Make Up

Many Parisians don’t wear any makeup at all, and will always emphasize skin care over makeup.

Keep it simple, that’s how to stay classy and elegant. A classic red lipstick and mascara can be more than enough sometimes.

In terms of fabrics, always seek high-quality fabrics such as cotton, silk.

3. Simplicity.

A perfect Parisian Chic style wardrobe is made up of a few pieces that are simple and versatile. French women don’t like to be over-sexy, avoid skirts or dresses that are too short, too tight, or too revealing.

4. Fit is everything.

Visit your local tailor and make your clothes work for your body shape.

How do I get a Parisian wardrobe? 7 PARISIAN STYLE CLOTHING ONLINE

1. Sézane

If you love French style, I’m sure you already know Sézane. It is one of these affordable French clothing brands that offer quality pieces at accessible prices.

2. Sandro

Sandro is the essence of the cool and chic Parisian spirit and effortless elegance. It’s definitely one of my favorite affordable French clothing brands where I shop for blazers, coats, and  dresses.

3. Bash

Created in 2003 by best friends Barbara Boccara & Sharon Kriefthe, Ba&sh style remains distinctly Parisian with a bohemian chic touch. 

4. Isabel Marant Étoile

French designer Isabel Marant launched her line, Étoile —which means star in French— in 1999. Great for staples like jeans and T-shirts, the collection embodies Parisian chic style.

5. Claudie Pierlot

It was in 1984 that Claudie Pierlot began her activity and created her Maison “for Parisian women”.

6. Balzac Paris

Balzac Paris is a French clothing brand with a chic and modern spirit.

7. Rouje

Parisian Jeanne Damas decided to launch her Parisian fashion brand called Rouje in April 2016. A very feminine brand.

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