Having had a browse through David Goldstein’s website to see his latest work online, several images really stuck in our minds, through the clever and beautifully crafted use of light within his photos, as shown below.
Fashion in Paris
Instantly, the famous nickname of Paris came to mind: ‘The City of Lights’. But why is Paris actually called the City of Lights… City of Love and Fashion Capital, yes, both are clear to all who have ever seen an image of Paris, but Lights… How did it get this nickname? There seems to be two reasons.
Time for a quick FYP history lesson:

During the Age of Enlightenment in the Eighteenth century it became a centre of education, learning and philosophy. So it was seen as an “enlightened” place to be.

Fashion in Paris

In the nineteenth century, Paris was one of the first cities to adopt street lighting, gas lamps in the Champs Elysées in 1829 and electric lights for its Great Exhibition of 1889. So it really was a city of light among all the other cities that were still in the dark!

Having the city lit at night was a great innovation. It meant that people were now able to undertake leisure activities after dark, and it made the streets safer. Instead of staying at home, people began to use the time after night fell in a productive way, and is seen as the beginning of modern urban life.

Fashion in Paris

So now you know, and as you can see from Goldstein’s wonderful photographs, Paris truly does deserve the name, ‘The City of Lights’.

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