Online Personal Stylist for Men and Women – Why You Need One

Getting an online personal stylist for men and women is the best way to transform a boring wardrobe into something spectacular. With their help, you can keep classic pieces of clothing and get rid of clothes that do not fit your style anymore.

As a service that was once reserved for the elite, finding an online personal stylist is now attainable to any aspiring fashion lover. Let’s look at five great reasons you need to get a stylist to bring your closet to the next level today.

5 Reasons You Need an Online Personal Stylist for Men and Women

online personal stylist for men

There’s nothing more frustrating than being fed up with the same old clothes you wear daily. It’s time you met your style goals and treated yourself to flattering pieces, helping you put your best self forward.

There are many reasons why online personal stylists are booming more than ever before to enhance your style preferences.

1. Saving Money on Shopping

You might think getting a personal stylist is an additional cost, but in truth, they can help you save more money on clothing. Far too often, we buy many clothing items that don’t work well with each other or fit our body type. A personal shopping service is a foolproof solution that will show you multi-versatile pieces that work with many outfits.

You’ll be able to cut back on the bulk in your closet while diversifying your versatile wardrobe with must-have items that improve your sense of style. These highly trained professionals have an eye to find high-quality brands of clothing and classic pieces.

Whether you want to build your closet with fabulous Parisian designers or everyday retailers, they can help nail your style.

2. Saving Time on Picking Outfits

As someone with little knowledge of what’s in style this season, it can take a while to put the perfect outfit together. You might worry about dressing up for an event or trying to pair items together to look your best. With an online stylist, you can save all of the time you’d typically spend figuring out your style and personality.

Clothing fashion styling services will precisely know what looks best on your figure but that also fits into your aesthetic. They have a keen eye and heightened attention to detail, allowing you to wear things that make you look and feel great. 

With a personal stylist, you’ll have outfits put together for you, taking the guesswork out of dealing with your custom clothing.

Another huge way an online styling service helps you save time is by figuring out your personal style. If you are liked most women, you might struggle to find your signature style but a personal stylist can surely help. Begin your fashion journey by taking our interactive fashion quiz to help you find your perfect style.

online personal stylist for men and women

3. Getting Honest Advice

Have you ever asked a friend to tell you whether something looks good on you or not? It can be hard to trust their advice, as those closest to us generally don’t want to hurt our feelings. Personal stylists are the best alternative, providing professional advice on what looks good.

Stylists not only help you find your personal style and build a capsule wardrobe, but they also want to ensure you’re wearing pieces that eliminate any clothing gaps. Using these professionals is a fantastic way to shop smarter and know you always look your best with an in-depth style strategy.

One of the main reasons it is great with online personal stylists is because they’re always honest. They won’t put you in clothes simply because they’re from a specific designer or are in-season. Instead, they provide customized advice to help you pick the best pieces for your closet.

4. Boosting Your Confidence

Confidence is critical in many areas of your life, whether your interpersonal or professional life. When you look and feel your best, it shows on your face and comes through in your attitude. There’s nothing more assuring than walking into work, knowing you’re perfectly put together.

With the emotional benefits a great outfit can offer, you’ll find your life-changing for the better every day. You’ll have an added boost of confidence to deal with an important meeting or talking to people you’ve been intimidated by in the past. You’ll feel overwhelming joy knowing that you look fabulous regardless of the occasion.

5. Delving Deeper Into Fashion

Another benefit to using an online personal stylist for men and women is they can give you advice you can use throughout your lifetime. If you feel overwhelmed when shopping or struggle to put an outfit together, you could garantee you’ll find your signature style.

With all of the tips, tricks, and pieces of advice you’ll earn, you can apply them to your wardrobe on your own.

Most people who use a personal stylist will do so for a set period. This process helps you set up your closet and give you fundamental knowledge on building the perfect wardrobe. From there, you can apply what you’ve learned from a stylist on your own, tailoring your wardrobe independently.

Fashion is a stunning art form that everyone deserves to fall in love with. Using a personal stylist is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door.

Where Can I Find an Online Personal Stylist?

Choosing the perfect online personal stylist can take some time, especially as you’ll want a trained professional who understands your vibe and aesthetic. Fabulous You Paris is one of the top-recommended services that can give you one-on-one styling advice. Not only will you get a customized selection of outfits that fit your tastes but valuable knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

There are a couple of styling packages to consider with Fabulous You Paris. They’re comprised of some fantastic benefits, such as:

  • FREE Discovery Styling Call
  • Personalized Parisian chic styling tips
  • Private style consultations
  • An in-depth pre-styling questionnaire
  • Personalized wardrobe edits sent to your inbox
  • A list of 15 essential items you must-have immediately

Anything you could imagine from an online personal stylist is available from Fabulous You Paris. We have adapted the art of Parisian fashion to make it customizable for men and women worldwide. You’ll finally be able to have confidence and trust in your wardrobe, knowing you look fabulous for any occasion.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when you’ll have to spend hours trying to piece an outfit together using lackluster slacks and tees. With Linda, your personal stylist from Fabulous You Paris, you can bring Parisian chic styling into your own closet. You’ll also benefit massively from personalized, tailored advice to help you always look and feel your best.

Start building your new Parisian chic wardrobe today! You can contact me here!

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I’m Linda, your go to Stylist, Personal Shopper and Curator.

Whether we can walk together down the streets of Paris, or you would prefer the contactless virtual experience, I will enhance your wardrobe through inspiration, styling tips and tricks, and a curated shopping experience.

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 I’m Linda, your go-to Stylist, Personal Shopper and Curator.

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"Often, when I go out with the intention of buying new clothes, I end up wandering around for hours and not finding anything I really love. Because my time in Paris was limited, I wanted to make the best use of what little opportunity I had for shopping. Enter Linda, who-in just 3 hours-helped me select a range of gorgeous new clothes and accessories, I love absolutely everything I bought. My time with her was an absolute joy: she is very relaxed and easy to chat with, and she really listens to your opinions and steers you towards the things you will like. If only all shopping was this easy!"
Lou F
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"Linda was great helping me set up a personal shopping experience for my wife. She did a great job finding the perfect items according to her laste and style. We were able to get special unique clothes shoes we normally would not be able to find on our own. Highly recommended!"
I'll definitely be back for more!
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"This was my first personal shopping experience on a trip to Paris so I wasn't sure what to expect, but was soon pul al case by the warm and friendly Linda... After wearing one of my new outfits back in London. several people have commented that I had a 'French chic look going on! It was the look I'd asked Linda for, so it seems to be working! Highly recommended - and I'll definitely be back for more!"
Great shopping experience!
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"We had such a productive two hours with Linda! My daughter is very petite for her age (14 years old, almost 5'2" and 90 lbs). It is hard for her to find clothes in styles popular in her age group and I was worried that our Paris shopping would be frustrating. I am so glad we booked Linda! We sent her some samples of styles my daughter liked as well as the types of items we were interested in purchasing. Linda mapped out stores and actual items in advance. And she was good at identifying potential options on the fly too. In two hours we got a dress, two pairs of jeans, some slides and two tops that my daughter loves! In every store Linda would quickly ask the salespeople for the smallest sizes and then my daughter would quickly make a call on what she wanted to try. Very efficient! Linda comes from a family in the fashion business and earlier in the day had helped a bride from the U.S. select her couture wedding gown. She is versatile for sure! Thank you Linda for this great highlight of our trip to Paris!"
Amazing Personal Shopping Experience in Paris
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"My 13 year old daughter and I had a wonderful morning with Linda. We walked around the Marais area and Linda introduced us to many shops and boutiques. Linda quickly understood what my daughter style is and what she prefers and offered her different and unique items at every store. My daughter is typically not an easy shopper :) but Linda was able to find her multiple beautiful items that she loved and we purchased (all within the budget we pre-defined before starting). We even got one item for me (although this was not our focus this time ...). Linda also helped us to quickly receive the tax refund forms at the different stores we visited. Overall it was an amazing experience which my daughter really enjoyed and marked as one of the highlights of our Paris visit."
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"Linda took my daughter and I and another friend and her daughter shopping and it was just perfect. She chose ideal spots for the teenagers and great spots for myself and my friend (we are in our early 50s). She's kind, patient, and thoughtful and really tries to make sure everyone finds what they need/ I also loved that she wasn't pushy with us buying things. She made me feel very comfortable to say you know this is not right for me. I love the shoes I got on our trip and the jeans and my daughter had the best time. This is a really special experience. My only suggestion would be that if you are shopping for teens and grownups to try to add more time because 2 hours was not enough for us! It's a great experience -- hope you enjoy it too!"

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