About Me

Parisian Chic is iconic; it’s instantly recognizable. But I know (first hand!) that it can be intimidating.

“Parisian style looks effortless, but no matter what I try it still doesn’t look right!”

Did I just read your mind? I’ve been there with countless clients, and you’re going to love what I say next.

My Story

This is the moment I sashay into your life in my favorite navy dress… with an espresso in hand.

Enchante! I’m Linda, founder of Fabulous You Paris and a lover of all things Parisian and chic.

I’m a personal shopper and stylist, here to guide you on a bespoke Parisian shopping experience that is truly one of a kind.”

My father owned a clothing line in Italy, and I was introduced to Parisian fashion at a young age.

Even as a child I was drawn to the beautiful silhouettes, and the effortlessly chic way of life in the City of Lights.

My mind was already set: One day, I would work in fashion in my dream city.

I earned my Bachelors of Fashion Marketing & Design from the American University in London. Shortly after, I moved to Paris full-time, and received my Masters of Marketing.

It was a dream come true, what I’d been waiting for my whole life! Eager to build a distinct fashion style for myself, I sought one-of-a-kind pieces to build my Parisian wardrobe. I explored beyond the high street and found unique boutiques and hidden gems that I fell in love with.

This was the moment that Fabulous You Paris landed in my mind.

Fabulous You Paris is the # 1 online destination for Parisian Chic shopping and styling!

I created a business with the purpose of helping women write their own Parisian fashion story. I will share with you my secret discoveries, wholehearted recommendations, and honest thoughts.

I believe in investing in staple pieces that build a Parisian capsule wardrobe that represents timelessness, style, and quality. Your pieces will last you many years to come, with key accessories that add a touch of your personality to your wardrobe.

If you’ve tried to add some Parisian Chic to your wardrobe in the past without success. Or, if you held back from trying at all because you didn’t know if you could pull off a très chic style…

I want you to know that you CAN be Parisian Chic. Even if you’ve never been to Paris, and regardless of your lifestyle and budget, I can help. With strategies that celebrate your unique style, I can help you refine your wardrobe and dress it up with Parisian Chic. You’ll live out your Parisian dreams and step into the best you: confident, radiant, and proud of your personal style.

Closet rules I live by:


Anything that sparks joy!

Investing in luxury

Mix-and-match investment pieces with unique thrifting finds

Ready To Find Your Fabulous? I’d love to work with you ! Contact me at Linda@fabulousyouparis.com and check out my styling services.