With the slightly daunting prospect of the parents arriving imminently to come visit their ‘petite’ in Paris, a quick revision was in order to change the usual tour-guide trail I have created for my student, cash-strapped friends. So rather than falafel pittas in Le Marias for €5.50, I was having to think bigger, better, slightly more luxurious, as myself may even be included in such a schedule!
This got us thinking at the FYP HQ of what we would do if we had only a short break visiting Paris, which then laterally turned into this week’s post.
Et volia! The most luxurious way to spend 24 hours in Paris.
In fact, Paris being the city of ‘love’ and one of the world’s fashion capitals, made this task somewhat more difficult than originally thought. Not in the sense that there is too little to choose from and it is hard to find enough luxury to fill to the brim the given 24 hours. But no, there is just FAR too much to possibly squeeze into 24 hours, and so if you do try this bucket list, FYP warns you: you are going to need ample coffee/caffeine intake.
Are you ready? Steady- Set that Rolex watch, and lets go!
7.00am- Waking up in the Hotel Raphael is the most perfect way to start the day in style. Take a French petit-dejeuner, complete with freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolat, while sat upon the terrace with the view of the Eiffel Tower greeting you, and the morning sun warming your skin.

Shopping in Paris
The view from the terrace of Hotel Raphael

9.30am- Jump in the chauffeur driver car waiting outside the Hotel Raphael for you, and be escorted to the Eiffel Tower before the hordes of crowds descend. Once on top, grab a glass of Moet to quench your thirst at the Ephemeral Champagne Bar. Small, but cosy and the most luxurious way to enjoy the bird’s eye view of Paris from the top floor!Shopping Paris

11.30am- Time is already ticking, and its time to make the short journey across Le Seine to reach the Champs-Elysées. Home to all the designer shops from Louis Vutton (where of course you would NOT have to wait in the queue to enter the shop), to Cartier, and Tiffany to Dior.

Shopping in Paris
The iconic sign

3.00pm- As a fellow shopaholic, when the phrase ‘shop till you drop’ is said, it is not by any means an understatement, nor something that is done half-heartedly! By now, visions of armfuls of shopping baskets are running riot, and yes, it is time to sit down, put up your Louboutin-clad feet and admire your new purchases. And of course, there is only one place to go for a bite to eat- 75 avenue des Champs-Elysées – Ladurée. Decadent gateaux, divine mini tarts, and Paris’s best macaroons, all washed down with a cup of tea served from fine bone china, is the most glamorous and chic way to revive oneself ready for the next pursuit!
Shopping in Paris
They really do taste as good as they look!

5.00pm- Its time to head back to chez vous, and have that quick massage you booked, to help relax those tired and strained muscles from the mass of shopping bags you accumulated today.
7.30pm- Showered and dressed up to the nines in your new garments, it is time to head to the Palais Garnier, in the 9th arrondissment. With enough time to have a quick glass of wine from one of the many bars, that surround Rue Scribe, you settle into your velvet covered seat to watch one of the best operas in Paris, in one of the best beautiful establishments, and let the stunning sounds and sights take you away.
shopping Paris
The breathtaking Palais Garnier

10.30pm- Time is being to run out! But priorities first- food.  It is easy to find a traditional brasserie in this part of town, serving the most exquisite French gastronomy, naturally washed down with a glass (or two) of bubbly!
00.00- Midnight- Although the party maybe getting started for some in Paris at this hour, one does need some beauty sleep, and it would seem a shame not to utilise the 1,200 thread Egyptian cotton bed sheets with the goose down duvet no?
Shopping in Paris
Life is hard being so glamorous!

Ladurée- Champs Elysées 

75 avenue des Champs-Elysées – 75008 Paris
01 40 75 08 75
Palais Garnier
8 Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris ‎
01 71 25 24 23 ‎
Hôtel Raphael
17 Avenue Kléber- 75116 Paris
01 53 64 32 00
Images curtsey of Google.fr