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Having a personal style is an important part of our daily living, how else can we walk about confident and bold!? Using the “What’s My Style? Quiz” will help you find your style.

How to Find your Style

Find your style quiz

How do I Find my Style?

A woman who knows her style walks with her head held high. Your personal style is an expression of your personality, creativity, likes, and lifestyle.

Once you know your personal style, the problem of what to wear will be completely solved because you’ll know just what you need to pair with what.

As your go-to stylist, image consultant, and curator, I have worked with thousands of women from the US and around the globe in search of their unique signature style. Their most frequent questions:

How to Find Personal Style ? and How to Improve Personal Style? 

Are you ready to find your Personal Style and get your Parisian Formula? You will boost your confidence at work, on a date, in your everyday life! Are you a Chic Parisian? Sophisticated Parisian? Bohemian Parisian? or Are you an Avant-Garde Parisian!


Let’s go on your style journey together. 

What’s My Style Quiz

find my style


1. To find your style be selective and reserve your closet for items you love 100 %

A lot of women are impulse buyers, we buy when there’s a sale or when we feel like without planning so most times we end up buying what we never use or wear. Our wardrobe is full of clothes we don’t need, maybe undersized, or we just hold on because of sentiments. Reserving your closet for only items you absolutely love, will give you a faster glimpse into what your personal style is.

what is my style quiz
@Annabelle Belmondo

2. Consider Your Lifestyle, Body shape, and Budget when choosing your style

You have to make the shift from being fashionable to finding clothes that fit your lifestyle, flatter your body shape and of course, fit into your budget. Doing this will help you avoid buying clothes that aren’t necessary.

Whats my style
@Scheena Donia

3. Ignore Fashion Trends when developing your style

In a fast-fashion world where trends never cease you have to be strong to stand out. To do that, you should ignore trends instead of filling up your closet with clothes that will be out of style before you know. It s better to develop your own style!

whats my aesthetic quiz
@Gariance Dore

4. Collect Ideas, Inspirations, Celebrity Styles that appeal to you

This is the easiest way to find your personal style. Go on Pinterest and save all the styles and ideas that appeal to you. Check out your favorite style icon, what does it entail? You can also get inspiration from blogs and Instagram. Start going for similar clothes.

What's My Style Quiz 2021
@Annabelle Belmondo

5. Have a Fashion Brainstorming Session

The best place to brainstorm is at the mall, in a fashion store, at least that’s where I love to do it. You’re surrounded by fashion pieces that will inspire you. You can get inspired and try on different pieces.

what's your style quiz
@Jeanne Damas

6. Be Ready to Experiment 

Finding your personal style is not a one-day journey, it takes experimenting with different combinations and fashion styles before finding the one that’s best for you. Be ready to face to the reality that not everything you love works for your body style or lifestyle..it might take time to ask yourself some major questions.

French Chic Style
@Caroline Maigret

7. Don’t be Afraid to Combine Styles

A lot of people have more than one style and that’s totally normal. Personally, I don’t have one fashion style, my personal style is a combination of French fashion style and others. Depending on the occasion or how you feel, I think it’s normal to embrace combining styles, that’s what makes it your own.

What is my style aesthetic
@Lena Simonne

8. Get Rid of Shapeless clothes

The first step to being confident in your clothes is to wear clothes that flatter your body. Stop trying to hide your body, your body is a gift show it off.

Whats my clothing style quiz
@Eleonore Leojeanne

9. Find your Signature Piece

You may notice that there are several things that you simply can’t do without when you dress up. It maybe an accessory or a particular bag. Whatever it is take note of it and get them in varieties, it becomes your signature piece, something unique to you.

What is my clothing style quiz
@Garance Dore

10. Show off your best Assets

You are blessed with gorgeousness both inside and outside, you should show it off. For example, if you have long legs go for fashion pieces that show off your legs. Go for pieces that show off the part you love the most on your body, although you have to ask yourself what is too much and what isn’t?

What style Am I
@Scheena Donia

11. Pay attention to little Details

Your hair, your accessories, your favorite shoes, these things also make up your personal style. Pay attention to them and find what suits you the most, styles you love the most.

Whats my fashion style quiz
@Caroline Maigret

12. Act!

You have taken pictures, realized what you love, brainstormed, now it’s time to act. Start wearing these things, combine pieces you love, fill your closet with only clothes you love, in acting you will slowly find what works best for you.

Your closet should be part of your lifestyle, so it’s important to take some time and reflect on our schedules, routines, hobbies, and all that make up our lifestyle. Personally I have no need for 10 pairs of fancy High heeled shoes that I do not even know how to walk in, plus I rarely go to occasions that require them.

Especially nowadays, we should own more clothes for where we spend our time the most. if we work in a office we should be asking; is it formal or not then classy suits are the best, are we at home? Then some nice leisure wear that is both comfortable and fashionable is our best bet.

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