3 Reasons You Need an Image Consultant

Why should I hire an image consultant?

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This is a question I get asked a lot. As 93% of your communication is based on your appearance.

It’s a hard truth, but what you wear and how you carry yourself makes a difference and will determine if you land the job, get a promotion or being asked on a date!

Like other professionals such a dentist or an account, the image consultant provides a service. Of course to some it may seem frivolous to ask for help in learning how to improve one’s appearance, but image is no less important than a nice smile or tidy accounts.

Just as we search on the web for any kind of information, many women and even men are looking for tips and ideas on how to find their style and improve their image.

Would you go to a veterinarian for a dental consultation? Would you trust an accountant with your company’s financial statements and tax obligations? Probably not. So chances are, if you feel the need to make some changes about yourself, you’re looking for someone who can help and a professional one..

Turning to professional help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of self-love. It is also a good strategy to save time and money.

Eighty percent of the clothes we buy, often on impulse and emotionally, lie unused in the closet.

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Why do you need an image consultant?

1. Will Help Your Self-esteem

Professional help in improving one’s image has a powerful impact on one’s self-esteem: seeing ourselves better makes us feel better about ourselves and others. It can enhance a path of personal growth or contribute to a rebirth after a difficult period.

Not to mention the impact it has on relationships: greater inner confidence makes us better perceived externally as well. And then let’s not forget the work aspect: investing in one’s professional image in the same way we invest in training or promotion creates a winning synergy in any sector.

In America a woman spends an average of between $3,000 and $8,000 a year on clothing, accessories and beauty products. With much less you could hire an image consultant and completely change your shopping strategy. Probably even save money.

Not to mention that with the help of an expert you will be able to feel more confident. A boost of self-esteem, a small investment compared to few sessions with a therapist.

Often when we are changing our look is the first step to bigger change or situation. Sometimes a job that no longer satisfies us or a relationship that has come to an end.

Other times the change is accompanied by a desire for rebirth, perhaps after a pregnancy, a divorce or turning 30s ..40s…

or after an illness or a painful experience, or even the desire to find an image consistent with our personality..

This is why putting order in the closet becomes a metaphor for putting order in our lives. A healing action to get rid of the superfluous.A way to leave the past behind, feel lighter and face the future with a new energy.

There isn’t just one reason to go to an image consultant, because after all, everyone has their own valid reasons.

Image consulting is a profession aimed at helping people enhance their image.

The first image consultants were the costume designers of Old Hollywood, who took maniacal care of the look of the divas, contributing to building their myths and, from time to time, defining their characters.

It was only in the 1980s that image consulting in the USA became a mass phenomenon that was absolutely democratic, within the reach of ordinary women.

2 Will Help Dress Your Shape

An image coach helps you understand your shape while teaching you what would work for your specific shape.
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3.Will Help You Understand Your Personal Style

An image consultant helps you identify your personal style and integrate that into your everyday life. An image coach will help you pull together a look that carries your signature style.
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What is the difference between an image consultant, personal shopper and stylist?

The image consultant guides the person on a path to enhance their image, studies an effective style and coordinates the different aspects of this process, including shopping.

The personal shopper is a shopping consultant:

a professional highly specialized in the knowledge of brands and boutiques. He or she does not necessarily do image consulting as well.

The Personal Stylist :

has a foundation in image consulting, but is primarily concerned with creating total looks for events, runway shows or photo shoots. He or she is familiar with brands, but not necessarily involved in shopping.

What does a professional image consultant do?

Image consultants are usually experts in marketing and fashion; they train their clients to improve their image for social events or to achieve certain goals. Not only individuals but also companies can be clients of image consultants, although main clients remain executives and politicians.
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