How to Find My Style – The Ultimate Guide For Personal Style

Finding Your Personal Clothing Style

Are you frustrated by the challenge you confront every morning as you look through your closet trying to figure out what to wear? 


Maybe you find yourself changing clothes at least a couple of times until you find “the right outfit”. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; many of us are experiencing similar frustrations when trying to figure out how to find your style.

Which can make shopping difficult and the daily routine overwhelming.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You feel confused about what to wear.

You aren’t confident enough to know which items suit you and pick them out easily.

Maybe you have been wearing the same predictable outfits for years and are convinced that that’s just what your style is. Wrong! It’s a fact that you can’t have the same style for the rest of your life; we need to evolve our style throughout time as we age, as our lifestyles change and as our desire to change arises.

How to Find My Style


‘How To Find My Style’ – The Benefits of Designing A Great Wardrobe

Have you ever considered what may spare you from daily frustration and confusion every morning? Will you agree with me if I say that once you have your personal style defined, your confidence, mindset & daily routine becomes that much easier.

A great wardrobe is one in which you have everything in your closet that fits you and makes you appear the way you want to look, as well as a lot more.

Allow me to assist you in identifying your particular style and creating a flawless wardrobe in this guide that will help you answer, How To Find My Style & develop a signature wardrobe that you will love!

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Creating A Signature Wardrobe & How To Find Your Personal Style

Why is it important to have your own signature style?

  • You will no longer be frustrated when you walk inside your closet in the morning. Even if you have a closet full of clothing, you claim,
  • “I have nothing to wear today.”

You have a lot clothes in your closet, so why are you stating you don’t have anything to wear? It’s because you don’t know what you want to wear or what you should wear.

  • Once you’ve discovered your own style, it’s much easier to fill your wardrobe with things you want to wear every day, and you will make decisions in a matter of minutes rather than hours.
  • going shopping a lot easier.
  • You’ll know what looks suit you. And will not feel overwhelmed anymore.

When you know that everything in your closet is ideal for you and works, you will feel mentally fulfilled. It’s a nice feeling to have fewer items but they’re all excellent and awesome to wear.

Finding your personal style takes some time and work.

Are you prepared to put out the effort? Join me, in your style journey….


Inspiration Is The Key To Finding Your Own Fashion Style

  • Get inspiration from Google/Pinterest or a Fashion Icon.
 what is my clothing style
@Jeanne Damas

First and foremost, I recommend that you check out your Pinterest boards. Examine the clothing and style you’ve pinned.

Feel free to check out our Pinterest account for French Chic Style Inspo.

If you don’t have time to browse Pinterest boards, go through fashion magazines.

  • You may also use a Google search or a fashion icon to help you discover your own style.


Find Your Signature Style By Creating a Mood Board for Your Fashion Favs

find my style

When you’re having trouble deciding on a personal style, making a fashion mood board might be a great way to get started. Collect all of your preferred photographs in a mood board once you’ve gathered your fashion inspiration from Google, Pinterest, magazines, or any other source. Put anything you like on the mood board.

  • Take some photos with your phone. So that when you will go shopping next time ..they’ll help to stay on track.


Create A Capsule Wardrobe & Make Personal Styling Easy

When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe, it means having all of the basics in your closet that you can mix and match to create a style that is effortless. You will have chic pieces that match with everything.

Perhaps you already have some items in your closet already. Replace clothes only with items that work for you and make you happy.


Finding Your Clothing Style Means It’s Time To Experiment & Get Out Of The Box!

Once you’ve developed a capsule collection in your wardrobe, it’s time to fill it with some fantastic pieces that solely reflect you. It’s possible that some trial and error may be required, so don’t worry if you change your mind later.

When you’re figuring out your personal style, you’re experimenting with fashion to see what looks best on you.

  • Respect and value your decision.
  • Don’t be frustrated by what you’ve picked.
  • Be confident in your decision.
  • You must have faith in your selections.
How to choose your style


Shop For Items That Fit Your Fashion Style

Keep in mind that you’re there to buy items for yourself, not for others, so don’t ask what others recommend; instead, choose what you enjoy most.

Only think about what you enjoy, not what the salesperson wants to sell you.

It will take time to put together your ideal capsule wardrobe, so don’t rush into it.

  • Make a shopping list.
  • Consider what your lifestyle is.
  • Consider your lifestyle when developing your own style.

how to find out what your style is

It would be a waste of money if you have chosen things that do not fit your lifestyle. You’ll be getting clothing that you’ll never wear.

Personal style is about complimenting your everyday life.

If you’re a businesswoman who spends a lot of time at the office, you should invest in items that you can wear to go to work or that help you project a professional image.

how to find your personal style

How To Find Your Style Quiz – Simple Questions For Planning The Perfect Wardrobe

By answering the following questions you may rapidly assess your lifestyle.

Make a list of your weekly activities; how will you spend the next seven days?

What should you wear this week based on your activity?

  • Keep track of your actions at work, at home, at meetings, and on vacations.
  • Is there anything you can wear at night?
  • Think about the outfits you wear to the gym, to workout, or to play.
  • What will you wear if you’re staying at home.
  • Make a note of your get-together with your pals.
  • Keep the fancy nights or dating plans in mind.
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Your Personal Style Should Be Versatile & Built With The Basics

When it comes to discovering your style, it may be simpler for you to select a large number of new clothes. Start with items that are easy to match together and that you can wear for a variety of events.

Starting with the basics and then adding unique pieces to represent your style is the best way to go. You could already have some in your closet. The basics are key when it comes to discovering your personal style.

how to find out my style


Getting To Know Your Personal Style Means Knowing What’s In Your Wardrobe

  • Do not neglect your wardrobe.

If you are unsure about what to wear and what not to wear, this does not imply that everything in your closet is useless.

Examine your closet and pull out all of the outfits that you enjoy the most.

  • Consider why you like them.

After that, put them aside and think about what all of these pieces have in common.

how to find out my fashion style


Conduct A Closet Audit To Further Define Your Style

Once you’ve determined which outfit you like, get rid of the rest of the items that you do not use anymore and that are only taking up space in your closet. I would suggest you donate them or sell them.

You should devote 100% of your wardrobe space to the things you adore. YOUR goal is to fill your closet with things you enjoy wearing;

You should have outfits that motivate you. When you choose them to wear, they thrill you every time you go to work, school, or going out… You should wear clothes that make you feel confident and happy.


Fill Your Personal Style With Basic, But Versatile Items

The key to creating a perfect wardrobe is to have a good balance of basics and complementing pieces that can be mixed and matched.

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Wardrobe Style Tips – Choosing Quality over Quantity

Which is more important: quantity or quality? If you’re looking for the right piece, quantity isn’t a good idea; quality should be your priority.

So invest in high-quality items that you can use for several seasons.

Never put your focus on one-seasons bargains, discounts, or impulsive purchases.

Pay close attention to each piece’s color, fabric, fit, and cut.

One beautiful outfit is preferable than ten low-cost shirts in your closet.

You may save a few bucks but when you examine their long-term advantages, you’ll see that low-cost items are more expensive than high-cost items.

A decent quality shirt that costs twice as much can easily last five years, but a cheap shirt would only last one season.

define your personal style


Once You Find Your Clothing Style, Keep It Organized

Having the best items in your wardrobe isn’t enough; you also need to keep them organized.

There are several methods to organize your clothes, such as arranging them in color order or keeping shirts in separate sections from pants, and so on.

It will keep things tidy, look nice, and make finding and wearing clothing in the morning easier.

After this process, you should be ready to GO SHOPPING ! And building a capsule wardrobe.

But Before embarking on your style journey, you must have a strategy in place; a clear roadmap can assist you in achieving your goals. It help you make the right decisions, and be on track.

wardrobe tips



How To Find Your Style – Tips To Remember Before You Shop!

  • Get staples that suit your style.

So play around with your appearance and be inspired by new trends while remaining true to your own personal style.

Never choose popular items without considering your personal style.

It is important for you to carefully assess new trends and determine which ones best suit your own style and deserve a long-term home in your closet.

how to find what my style is
@Jeanne Damas
  • Add some unique pieces.

You should also include some one-of-a-kind items in your wardrobe.

Aim to strike a balance between basics and unique pieces

I recommend you to begin with the basics and then add some one-of-a-kind things.

  • Versatility

A selection of items that show your style and provide you with an outfit that matches your various events should be the goals of your ideal wardrobe.

  • Invest Thoughts and Time

You should devote time and attention to choose the most appropriate clothing for your wardrobe based on your unique style. You may have a limited budget but your time and ideas are more valuable than your money.

Casual wardrobe
  • Comfort

Comfort is definitely an important factor to consider while creating an ideal outfit.. Never compromise on fit and fabric quality for comfort. You should get clothes that ensure high comfort.

  • Have Seasonal Closet Audits

At least once every six months, at the start of each season, you should audit your own style as the closet organization. It’s also vital since as we get older, our likes, dislikes, and preferences change, and our personal style evolves with them.

Please note that the styling tips above are for general guidance only. Everyone is different if you prefer personalized styling tips, you can contact me here! Or Book a FREE Discovery Styling Call.

I’m Linda, your go to Stylist, Personal Shopper and Curator.

Whether we can walk together down the streets of Paris, or you would prefer the contactless virtual experience, I will enhance your wardrobe through inspiration, styling tips and tricks, and a curated shopping experience.

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