Dress Your Hourglass Body: The Definitive Guide

Characteristics of the Hourglass Body

Hourglass Body

How do you know if you have an hourglass figure?

  • Slightly round shoulders
  • Bust and hips are of the same size
  • Small and defined waist
  • Bottom and hips are rounded
  • Weight gains typically distribute evenly throughout the body

Hourglass Figure4 Styling Tips for the Hourglass Body Shape

Your body is curvy and proportioned, so many looks are designed just for you.

To know how to dress an hourglass, I suggest following your natural curves, staying balanced on your top and bottom while emphasizing your waistline.

1. Balance Your Top and Bottom

Wear a top that flatters your bust and a skirt or pants that flatter your hips.

2. Draw Attention to Your Waist

Accentuate your waist by adding a belt or wearing clothes that draw attention to this area of your body:

  • Accentuate the waist with belts
  • Wear darker colors around your waist area

3. Keep It Simple

Opt for simple, clean outfits, which don’t clutter up the silhouette.You look great in solid colors.

Steer clear of straight cuts and boxy styles, that hide the waist

4. Invest in a Good bras

Hourglass Body Shape

Outfits that Flatter the Hourglass Figure

Fit Hourglass Body
@Anne-Laure Mais


The narrow waist is one of the strong points of the hourglass physique. High-waisted pants define the waistline, contrary to low-waisted ones that “widen” the hips. The pants that best match your shape are wide-legged and loose-fitting pants that go straight down to the floor are best. Slightly tapered, boot-cut or flare-out pants are also good.

High-waisted jeans

Hourglass BodyType
@Leai Sfez

If jeans must be, let them be high-waisted. The high waist jeans – whether mom fit or skinny – emphasizes the waist and flatter your shapes.


Slim Hourglass Body
@Anne-Laure Mais

The full jumpsuit is also a strategic outfit for the hourglass. It helps to highlight the silhouette,.


Skinny Hourglass Body Figure
@Jeanne Damas

Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress (in addition to being an iconic french outfit is a must-have for the hourglass.Whether mini or midi always works.


Make sure your skirt is high-waisted to highlight the small waist.

Pleated Skirt

Hourglass Women
@Anne-Laure Mais

In addition to being chic at the right point, the pleated skirt is definitely strategic for the hourglass silhouette because it greatly accentuates the already slim waistline: tightening it and widening just below makes it feel even tighter.

Perfect for almost any situation, it goes well with a t-shirt, a shirt or a loose top, all strictly tucked into the skirt.

Shirts, T-Shirts & Other Tops

Top Hourglass Body Shape
@Jeanne Damas

Look for shirts that will accentuate your waist and maintain the balanced look of the hourglass shape, i.e. tops should be fitted.

They should nip in at the waist without adding bulk to your chest (unless you have a smaller bust). Belted tops and wrap tops are great to accentuate the waist.

What hourglass should not wear?

1. Avoid drawing attention to the hips and shoulders in order to maintain the natural balance of your body’s silhouette

2. Avoid boxy and straight skirt styles as well as stiff fabrics. Keep away from skirts with big voluminous pockets, ruffles, darts or other embellishments around the hips unless you balance them with details around the chest. Stay away from low-waisted skirts since these would add bulk to the lower body.

3‍. Avoid dresses with straight lines or boxy cuts since they cover your curves and make you appear heavy.

4‍. Avoid low-rise jeans as they tend to make the hips look wider and the legs shorter.

5. Avoid shapeless and loose clothing as well as eye-catching embellishments

‍6. Avoid  darts and embellishments or pockets around the hips.

7. Avoid big ruffles, bows or any other embellishments that would add a lot of volume to your upper body (unless you add some volume to your hips to balance it out).

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