Best Jeans for Body Type Female: How to Pick the Perfect Jeans

There’s nothing like having the best jeans for body type female, especially as denim is one of the most complicated items to buy. 

Not only are there a ton of different lengths, cuts, and darker washes, female body shapes are significantly different from each other. 

Using this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for any jeans, giving you the ability to show off your fabulous personal style. 

best jeans for body type female

Best Jeans for Body Type Female: A Quick List 

The best way to find the perfect pair of jeans is to understand your body type. Different denim cuts look best on different shapes and heights, such as flare jeans, which are ideal for tall women. 

Let’s jump into the quick list of different jean types recommended by body type. 

Hourglass Body Shape (Curvy Silhouette) 

There are a couple of recommendations for jeans for women with a classic hourglass shape, including: 


Cropped-cut jeans are often regarded as the best option for women with a classic hourglass shape. That is because they often complement rounder hips paired with a thinner waist. 

Typically, cropped cut jeans work perfectly to show off your figure. 

Stretchy Denim 

The stretchier the fabric, the more the jeans will fit the uniqueness of your figure rather than forcing your body into an unnatural shape. 

An hourglass figure requires jeans that mold to your body, which is why women can often prefer jeggings and stretchy denim. 


There’s nothing that hugs your figure quite as well as high-waisted jeans. Not only that, but they look phenomenal when paired with tucked-in shirt or blouse, truly showing off your figure. 

With high-waisted pants, you can avoid fabric bunching at the bottom of the jeans, helping you look more proportionate. 

Rectangle Body Shape (Elongated Silhouette) 

If you’re not dealing with a curvy figure but are instead looking for ways to enhance your curvy shape, I have the perfect jeans. 

Whether you want baggy boyfriend jeans, denim with lots of stretch, or skin-tight jeans, there are many options. Women with rectangular figures can work with a ton of different types of jeans, including: 

Straight Jean 

If there’s one body type that truly rocks a pair of straight-cut jeans, it’s women with rectangular figures. These jeans will quickly adapt to your body type without feeling too uncomfortable or tight. 

They’re easy to pair with relatively any top, and you’ll find they look great with an assortment of footwear. 


If you’re looking to enhance your curves, I highly recommend high-waisted jeans to change your silhouette. However, a mid-rise straight jean is ideal for women with rectangle body shapes for everyday wear. 

You’ll find it helps elevate your upper body while giving your waist enough comfort to move freely. 

Apple Body Shape (Half-Hourglass Silhouette) 

An apple shape is often identified in women with bustier chests and a short waist. You might also have extra weight around your hips paired with slim legs. 

If this is your body type, the type of jeans you should look for is diverse. 

Elasticized Waists 

There’s nothing worse than having an uncomfortable pair of jeans digging into your sides. 

With an apple body shape, you’ll need pants that accommodate your waist easily. Elasticized waists in your denim will work with your body, allowing you to have freedom of movement. 

Mid-Rise Jeans or High-Rise Jeans 

Choosing the rise of your jeans is dependent on personal preference and your comfort. 

Many women with apple body shapes find mid-rise pairs of jeans more than comfortable, especially when sized correctly. Alternatively, high-rise denim can help snatch your waist and add to your figure. 

Pear Body Shape (Balanced Silhouette) 

Another common figure amongst women worldwide is a pear body shape. 

Typically, this is attributed to a mid-size bust paired with smaller shoulders. Your hips will be the widest part of your body, while your waist will be the smallest. 

Sizing jeans for a pear shape can be challenging, as you’ll want to highlight your waist the most. With its smaller, defined profile, you’ll want to use it to downplay the width of your hips. 

A few great examples of jeans to look for with this body shape include: 

Relaxed-Fit Styles 

If you’re hunting for the most comfortable pair of denim, boyfriend jeans are a remarkable option for a pear shape. 

You’ll have plenty of extra room in the thighs and a flexible seat. However, take special care to ensure you size the boyfriend jeans properly, as you won’t want to look like you’re swimming in denim. 

best jeans for body type female

Bootcut and Tapered Legs 

One of the most important things for pear-shaped bodies is to ensure you elongate your height. 

As such, bootcut and tapered leg jeans will quickly become your best friend. They help make your legs look considerably longer, especially when paired with boots and low-cut footwear. 

Flared Jeans 

As an alternative to bootcut jeans, taller women with pear-shaped bodies can benefit from flared legs. 

They help add more balance to your lower half, evening out the difference between your legs and hips. Also, they can be trendy if you choose a slight flare leg on your pair of pants to add some structure. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape (Tapered Silhouette) 

Often considered square and straight, the widest part of your silhouette is your broad shoulders, and your shape narrows as it reaches your legs. You likely carry little to no weight around your hips with this body type. 

One of the most remarkable things about this body type is that you can work with relatively any type of jeans. 

With a slim waist, you won’t have to worry about elongating your body or drawing eyes away from your midsection. Let’s explore a few great denim options for this body type. 

Skinny Jeans or Straight Leg 

Both skinny jeans and straight leg jeans look fabulous on women with rectangle + triangle body shapes. 

You’ll find skinny jeans help to elongate your legs while accommodating the unique structure of your lower half. Also, with your thinner hips, you can get away with a straight leg jean, as you don’t need to add any balance to your silhouette. 

Stretch Denim 

One thing to consider with this body type is that you can do yourself a major disservice by not complementing your silhouette. 

With that said, you will want to invest in form-fitting denim that molds to your body shape. Otherwise, you’ll lose your glorious hips and waist with ill-fitting jeans. 

Finding jeans with stretch denim can help you find the perfect pant size much easier. Also, you’ll find the fabric feels more comfortable when worn for extended periods. 

Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Your Body Type 

When looking for the best jeans for body type female, there are many things to consider. From silhouette to rise, there are plenty of features that each pair of denim brings. 

Overall, the best way to find the perfect pair of jeans is to try on different silhouettes to find the ideal pair for you. Alternatively, you can take the body type quiz I curated to quickly discover your body type. You’ll also get a selection of style tips based on your results. 


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