11 Parisian Chic Style Tips from a Stylist

 Style Rules to Follow for Parisian Chic Style

In the realm of fashion, French ladies have always been icons. Their style is elegant, timeless and sophisticated.

Their style contributes to the French woman’s unwavering confidence and boldness in everyday life. Thankfully, French fashion is not exclusive to the French; with the right outfits and good staples you may appear like a French woman anywhere in the world.

We all admire French fashion icons , from legend Brigitte Bardot to actress Marion Cotillard to influencer Jeanne Damas, for their ability to be effortlessly charming at all times.

French style is timeless: a laid-back attitude combined with the ability to look well-dressed in any situation.

But how can we incorporate a bit of Parisian Chic Style into our wardrobe?

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@Jeanne Damas

How do you do the chic style?

Don’t worry, dressing like you’re under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower isn’t as tough as it may appear.

If you want to look like a French woman, adhere to style rather than trends, and go for classic pieces.

Here’s 11 style tips on how to be always très chic and What defines Parisian chic style

1.Simplicity first: Less is more will be your mantra

A perfect Parisian Chic style wardrobe is made up of a few pieces that are simple and versatile.

Black ballerina flats, a blazer, a well-cut shirt, and a pair of jeans that may be mixed and matched. As the French have taught us, basic items must stay simple and stylish, and adding a unique accessory may make all the difference. As Sabina Socol demonstrates with her outfit, the smallest detail may make all the difference.

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@Sabine Socol

2.Classic Parisian Chic Outfits, Casual Mood

The great classics are never forgotten in French fashion. Of course, you have to know which ones to focus on: ripped or washed jeans are rarely seen on a Parisian It Girl. The only type of denim that counts is one that isn’t too dark.

A blazer, a t-shirt, and beige boots are all it takes to create a timeless casual outfit à la Parisienne.

Wear them together like the chic Parisian Leia Sfez and act as if you don’t care about anything!

Parisian Looks
@ Leia Sfeiz

3.Focus on Traditional, but Modernize it

It’s challenging not to look too ordinary with formal items like a blazer, black pants, or pumps. Despite this, the French It Girl always manages to pull it off. How do they manage to accomplish it? Simple: they hardly wear them all at once, preferring to mix one item at a time in an unconventional way.

It’s difficult to spot a Parisian in a suit and high heels; it’s much usual to see her in a statement blazer, jeans, and flat shoes. Louise Follain teaches Parisian chic aesthetic..

Parisian Fashion Style
@Louise Follain

4.Wear Prints instead of Logos

Dress like a Parisian
@ Camille Yolaine

5. Parisian Chic Must have: The Classic White Shirt

Every French woman’s closet should include this item. A white shirt that never goes out of style is considered “classic” for a reason. What makes a French woman’s white shirt stand out is the fact that she wears it with everything. White shirts are always a fashion statement. Make a simple shirt meaningful. This is how you can change your look.

A traditional white shirt may be worn with a black leather pants, skirts, and black skinny jeans, among other things.

Parisian Chic Style Guide

6.Wear Trench Coats in Neutral Tones

Trench coats are a favorite of French women since they elevate any outfit. Go for neutral colors such as camel or beige. Every day, you will see someone sporting a classy trench coat with comfy stylish shoes on the streets of France!

French Style Outfits
@ Sabine Socol

7. A Black Dress

Isn’t this something you’d wear everywhere? However, there are a thousand stunning ways to wear a black dress. Pair it with a colorful blazer or trench coat, a detailed white shirt, and a classy pair of shoes. That’s all it takes to turn yourself into a fashion icon. To take things up a level, add a black hat to the mix; talk about elegance and sophistication!

French Style Dresses
@Jeanne Damas

8.Tailores Pants

whether cropped, palazzo, or flare, will never go out of style, and they can be worn with everything from a traditional white shirt to a cropped chiffon top and shoes or sneakers. The most essential thing is that you have them as a wardrobe staple, regardless of how you style them.

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@Solange Smith

9. Neutral and Dark Color Palettes

These will always be a classic; you can’t go wrong with navy blue or black, my signature color. To go with dark hues, I love kaki and olive green.

Parisian Winter Style
@ Leia Sfez

10.Classic Patterns

There are some patterns that are always a safe bet! Polka dots and stripes are traditional patterns that should not be omitted from your wardrobe if you want to build a classic style clothing collection. These designs would look great as dresses or tops with everything from denim to cotton.

11. Be ready to invest!

Parisian Style

French women are more concerned with style and quality than with trends. As a result, they always go for basic timeless pieces such as black outfits, classic sneakers for comfort, and quality statement handbags such as Chanel. Suits with sneakers, leather pants, and a black dress will never go out of style. You can always dress them in a variety of ways depending on your mood.

Invest in fabrics that you can wear all year round, regardless of the season, such as cashmere.

 Grab the here the Parisian Capsule Wardrobe Checklist and start building your Parisian Chic Style!

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