How to Build a Minimalistic French Wardrobe for Chic Style

Minimalistic French Wardrobe

Personal style is deeply personal like everything else in life..It takes time and practice.

As we tend to buy always the same things and outfits that do not match with the rest of our closet to then feel frustrated and keep wearing always that same outfit!

Building a perfect wardrobe requires times and reflections which are difficult in our days living where we are constaly distracted by YouTube video, IG influencer that keep showing us so many options…

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Be careful to do not find yourself buying clothes for your fantasy lifestyle rather than their real lifestyle.

This can be a huge waste of money and resources, but it can also cause your wardrobe to become confusing.

Wardrobes need to be functional as well as pleasing to our eye.

It might seem common sense,but in reality as the majority of women:

  1. We buy items because there are on sales or for our fantasy life.
  2. We keep items that do not fit us anymore in case they fit again.
  3. We keep shoes that we can hardly walk in.
  4. We keep clothes that were expensive and we feel guilty to let them ago.

We do it so as it takes less energy to make an impulsive decision than putting more efforts in finding the right piece that will fit our lifestyle.

Let’s Get Started!

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French Wardrobe for Chic Style

Set a budget for the season

  • Give yourself the first month to reconnect with what you had already in your closet.
  • Experiment and find new ways to wear what you already have.
  • Identify any gaps in your existing wardrobe.
  • Prioritize a list of incoming items.

Once the first month is over and you’ve done a re-evaluation of your wardrobe, refer to the declutter 14 Day Challenge and start writing your shopping list or download the FREE planner checklist.

essential wardrobe pieces

Start with the basics and then statements pieces.

Reflect about the upcoming season:

  • Do you have any events you are going to, any weddings…
  • Try something new in a small dose.

Whether that’s a different piece of clothing or a different style.If it works, you’ve found something that can be added to.

If it doesn’t work, it was just one purchase over one season.

  • Buy in a seasonal format: three pieces purchased at the beginning and then two later on.
  • Learn to style differently.
  • Focus on Accessories.

For example, a black pair of pants and a white tee- shirt look completely different when paired with simple minimal jewelry than if mixed with a spiked collar or studded cuff. Even a pair of sunglasses can add a whole different feel to an outfit.

  • Focus on Appreciation

Practice gratitude for what you already have. A smaller closet lends itself to more, not fewer options.

See What Works and what Doesn’t.

French Chic Style Inspiration

basic french wardrobe

Collect ideas, inspirations, celebrities style or colors that appeal to you.

Look for items that will suit your lifestyle.

As we all fell into that mistake to be attracted to outfits and accessories that you will not be able to wear where we live. But that’s really tempting. As we all want to be in dreamy destinations all year along…

Have fun on Pinterest! You will notice that at the beginning you will save tons of images and will time you’ll delete it more and more.. It’s all part of the process.

Toward the end of the process, you will notice that you will become more and more specific.. That’s a good sign.

It means that you are on the right track in finding your signature style and building your minimalistic French wardrobe.

After creating your Pinterest mood board, you can edit and create different categories with different boards
Leisure…Work… Vacation to Mexico…

Others paces of inspirations can be Blogs, IG, take photos with your phone.

Allow yourself to take time about what you really like or not.

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A great place for conducting your fashion brainstorming are malls or department stores…

I usually have a fashion brainstorming with my clients before starting their private personal shopping experience in Paris or the Free Discovery Styling Call in order to asses their priority and lifestyle.

I also have another session at the end. As sometimes under the excitement of being in Paris women tends to buy items that are not matching their lifestyle…

It’s a fun moment where you get to know more about yourself and your fashion goals:

Try and be ready to experiment

  • Focus on Jumpsuits or Dresses = so much easier
  • 1 outfit ready to go Have fun with coats and blazers
  • Go Navy blue!
  • Make a list of all the things you love, take a a photo.
  • Do not buy them right away.. Go home and now spend some quality time with your closet.

Be ready to face the reality that not everything you love suits your body, style or lifestyle.. Take time to ask yourself some major questions.

Get out of the box and be ready to try on different shapes and outfits!

  • Oversize is not always the solution.
  • Try to invest to clothes fit and suit your body shape.
  • Take time in finding a good tailor.
    A detox from social media is highly advised.

Do you have a fashion or style question? Reply you can contact me here!

or Book a FREE discovery styling call

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