6 Ways to Dress Like a Parisian Woman Over 50

How to Dress like a Parisian Woman over 50

The French wardrobe is classic, modern, and chic. French women focus on high quality, classic pieces that fit impeccably.   The look is ageless, which makes it ideal for women over 50.

I firmly believe that age has nothing to do with style; it doesn’t matter how old you are; you can still look chic and classy like French women. Keep reading as the following tips are good wherever you’re 50 or not, you can dress like a French woman!

There are some timeless pieces that you should own if you’re looking to be stylish and you’re over 50.

Because French style is all about collecting pieces that are comfortable and chic at the same time, here are some fashion essentials for a classic French style if you’re over 50.

how to dress like a Parisian woman over 50
fashion for women over 50
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Styles for women over 50

1.Fitted Blazer:

A blazer is a key part of a French woman’s wardrobe and should be a key part of yours too!

This is a staple that you can find in every over 50 French woman’s wardrobe. The best part about having a fitted blazer is that you can pair it with anything from a basic T-shirt to a camisole or a straight Jean.

A blazer transforms your outfit immediately and gives it a chic, sophisticated look. A blazer in a neutral color such as black, gray, or navy, is best paired with jeans for that put-together look. Whether you choose to wear boots or heels, you can’t go wrong with this outfit combo!

outfits for women over 50
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Casual Outfits for women over 50

2. A Button-down Shirt:

Whether it’s chiffon or cotton, a high-quality button-down shirt is an iconic piece every woman should own.

To rejuvenate your outfit, pair it with a simple dark blue pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go!


casual dresses for women over 50

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French Chic Over 50

3. High Waisted Jeans:

This is a classic piece available in every over 50 French woman’s wardrobe. It is a perfect definer that gives your waist definition and makes your legs look longer. Considering colors, a dark high waisted jean is more polished while light denim gives a more casual vibe.

French women style
outfits for women over 50
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Classic French Fashion for Women over 50

4.Classic Leather Handbag:

Every woman should have a classic leather handbag in their closet. This is a great way to accessorize any outfit, especially a black one so that you can pair it with any outfit! Depending on your budget, you can opt for any size you want.

clothing styles for women over 50

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Chic French

5. Statement watch:

You should invest in a timeless wristwatch if you don’t have one already. When you’re in doubt about how to accessorize, just wear your wristwatch; it’s the perfect accessory for any outfit.

How To be Chic

6. Minimalist Jewelry:

Whatever you do, avoid wearing huge statement necklaces and earrings as they make you look cheap and unsophisticated. Wear minimalist jewelry instead, or like I said previously, just wear a wristwatch!

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