5 French Outfits Ideas for Girls 2021

How To Dress like a Parisian Girl: French Outfits Ideas on a Date

Every girl wants to go the extra mile to look fabulous when she’s going on a date because a date is a special moment for us.
Whether it’s your first date or second or third, these tips will help you stand out in Parisian fashion style when you go out on your next date!

5 Tips: French Outfits Style

1.Wear Comfortable shoes:

This tip should be framed! Comfortable shoes will save you the stress of walking in uncomfortable heels if you both spontaneously decide to take a walk.
Be yourself and be comfortable; depending on where the date will happen, tailor your outfit to the activity.
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2.Make an effort with your hair:

your hair has the ability to make or break your look. Go for that saloon visit; it’s the perfect time to switch up your look and go for the one you’ve always wanted to try.
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3.Don’t be afraid to go bold:

show your date that you’ re extra ready for a fun date by rocking fierce fits like prints or a long coat and ankle boots paired with gold accessories.

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4.Show off your personality through your style.

What’s your unique style? Go classic with denim and a pair of comfortable midi heels. Dress up your regular denim with a simple silk top and a hat, now that’s the Parisian fashion way.

teeanger clothing
@Costance Arnoult

5. Be Chic and sporty:

for a more casual date, pair that go-to leather jacket with a boots. The boots elevate the look and keep you comfortable, while the jackets speaks simple elegance . This combo takes little to no extra effort, but it will surely get you a lot of compliments.

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