For those of us this side of the globe, winter truly has set in. gone are the days when you could leave the house without an umbrella without the fear of being caught in a downpour, or even the freedom (and expensive) of not having to take a jacket out with you in the evenings. As you can tell, here at FYP winter is not our favourite season…. That is not to say we don’t enjoy the winter- hell! It’s a very valid excuse to go shopping in Paris! But some blue skies and some skin on our skin would not go amiss!
However, rather than lamenting what we don’t have in Paris, we need to enjoy the positives of it, and for us = more clothes! More shopping! And more fashion!
Et voila! This is how we found our newest designer; ‘Petit Chipompon’ is the brand name of Yukiko Hayakawa-Dinahet’s designer stocking company.

Paris shopping
Petit Chiponpom Stockings

‘Petit Chipompon’ is a fabulous hand-made brand of tights. Each pair Yukiko produces is unique, as she individually creates the stencils to produce the pattern or design on the stockings. It is not only her amazing artistic talents that sell these luxury stockings, but also the high quality of the garment, with the tights being made in Italy.
Shopping Paris
Petit Chipompon Stockings

For Yukiko, her fabulous creations not only keep her warm in the literal sense, but they keep her warm with passion, desire and love for her work. As one may have already guessed, Yukiko is not a Parisian native, having started out in Japan. However, it was thorugh folloing her dream which lead her to Paris, and she has been happily settled here in Paris for six years now.
Shopping Paris
Yukiko Hayakawa Dinahet wearing one of her own designs

Having had over 20 years experience of being a graphic designer, in January of this year (2013), Yukiko turned her hand at silkscreen printing, and through this developed a new direction. In the search for a new media to work upon, she found tights, and so ‘Petit Chipompon’ was born!
The name ‘Petit Chipompon’ is a mix of the French words Chic and Pomponner, which translated means ‘Stylish’ and ‘Preened’, and are designed for both girls and women. As you can see, Yukiko takes inspiration for her designs from her love of all things girly, romantic and chic, and mixes colour and fun with Parisian fashion.
Shopping in Paris
For us here at FabulousYouParis, what we were most taken with, with Yukiko’s story to success, was the short-time frame in which she learnt a new skill, discovered a passion for it, and not only created a company here in Paris, but created a SUCESSFUL designer brand. It was this determination and will to succeed, which turned ‘Petit Chipompon’ from just an idea into reality, which really amazed us. Yukiko is proof that dreams can become true, and that is true inspiration!
Catch Yukiko and ‘Petit Chipompon’ at one of our Fabulous Designer Shopping Soirees in December (, and be sure to check out her collection on her website- OR alternatively through her E-boutique at ( ) OR through her FaceBook page ( )