shopping Paris

Shopping Paris

Dreams, aspirations and just the simple word ‘hope’ are

important for the existence of mankind.

Without these where would we be?

Just imagine: Hollywood and all of its glittering and magical people would not exist, nor would we have that secret escape from the everyday, which you can only find deep inside your own mind, where you dare to admit your unspeakable desire.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ And here at FYP, we believe this whole-heartedly, but also know that dreams can come reality. This is why we are supporting new and up-and-coming Parisian designers, who are just starting their fashion venture, to become to future of fashion.

By featuring a new designer each week, we hope to share our belief in them, and help them achieve their dreams.

But also give you the hottest designers of the moment, and exclusive access to their collections.We hope that by hearing these designers stories, and seeing their success unfold,

you too will be inspire to follow your dreams and turn that dream into reality.

Bonne courage!

Shopping Paris

 Thanks to Pixien for the Fabulous Photos!