Closet Rules: 75+ Classic Style clothing never go out of style

The French style of clothing is a trend that seems never to go away. Whether you love dresses or tops, skirts or pants, there’s something chic for everyone!

94 Ways to Look Parisian All Year

Fall Parisian Chic Style

1. The perfect Fall outfit for that Parisian chic look is to wear a black pencil skirt, an oversized white tee with large red sleeves, and some high lace-up boots.

This will be the best way to stay warm on those chilly Autumn days while still looking fabulous.

2.French women are well known for their sense of style. One way to get into the French woman’s wardrobe is with a sand tone suit and complementary quality accessories like an accentuated waistline–a staple in any conservative lady’s closet.

3.Blue Monday, but make it fashionable. Dress in a whole blue outfit and enhance the color with complimentary brown accessories for that fresh look.

4.Bringing a touch of France to your wardrobe with the structured coat. It’s got great and is perfect for those windy days! Take it all one step further by pairing this beauty up with some soft-toned accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves.

5. Girls’ night out! Show off your style by wearing a stylish outfit that is chic and cozy. For the Fall, grey outfits are very in with leather accents for extra flair—a comfy and smart approach for the colder Autumn nights.

6.The most important fashion decision you’ll ever make is the one that will affect your mood for all eternity. Do it right and choose something with a sharp cut in an airy color to give yourself endless possibilities when outfitting outfits!

The outfit above, consisting of Grey flared trousers with cropped grey shirt knotted in the center, would be perfect as its overall simplicity leaves room for many options on how to tie or twist those front slits.

7.Bonjour Bordeaux! These days, it’s not just about what you wear during the day. Classic fall color takes center stage in this outfit that can stand up to any evening look while being affordable and practical for your everyday life.

8.A white shirt is a must-have for any wardrobe, but you can re-think its structure to give it more of an edge. Find one soft pleating in the middle that enhances your chest area and gives off that feminine vibe.

9.High boot goddess! Fall allows us to wear still skirts, and this time, we’ve chosen a midi to accentuate incredible gorgeous high-boots. This femme fatale look can’t be done without a trench coat so get ready for all the compliments you’re about to receive on your new outfit.

10.A date night, the Parisian way. Quality faux leather protects you from rain and wind while giving killer vibes to your outfit. Wear a shirt dress with a twist in color for an elevated look that’s perfect for any occasion.

11.The perfect outfit when Summer just ended, and the weather isn’t too cold yet. The classic long shirt gets a lovely improvement by adding a belt. Finish the look with tanned accessories and shoes, and you’re ready to be comfortable and elegant.

12.Is it cold in here? It feels like I have to put on my winter clothes. But wait! The first day of fall is coming up, and you know what that means: time for a Parisian style makeover with some boots, coats, black pants, and sleeveless green blouse combos.

13. One of the best choices for those who want color is navy. The rich, dark blue hue can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit or occasion without being too formal.

14.Your sleek, sophisticated French girl chicness is going to be on point this fall. With your plaid mini skirt and taupe polo neck sweater paired with a caramel coat, you’ll look like the epitome of class without breaking a sweat!

15.The golden hour is a fabulous time to wear this shirt! The right shade of gold will make the most out of your skin tone and complement it with black accessories. You can even dress up an all-black outfit by adding in just one pop color like Gold.

16. Flower child. Combine loafers, a suede hat, and a rectangular purse with a flowy dress. This will create a cute contradiction.

17.An elegant look with sparkles and sophistication. Be sure not to forget about accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings, which will beautifully set off your simple dress! When choosing your outfit, try pairing tights and dark heels to achieve the perfect balance of casual comfort while still looking stylish enough for work or dinner out on the town.

Winter French Chic Inspo

18.The perfect winter outfit for this season is a laid-back but elegant ensemble that features high-waisted pants, a crisp white shirt, and the always fabulous French frock coat in caramel.

19. Winter should be a time for fun! Who said it has to be dark? Don’t let the cold temperatures get you down. Wear some quality, colorful wool sweaters and funky skirts with your winter outfits.

20.Lilac spectacle! Parisian fashionistas know how to bring color to the colder months, and the easiest, chicest way to do it is wearing a standout coat.

21.The boho girl with the cool winter look. These sweaters are made for wearing on the coldest days. The lace edges and pretty accents go perfect with your favorite boots and jeans that can’t be tucked into them!

22.A snowflake. The perfect outfit of the elegant and commanding woman that’s ready to go out at night. It’s a classic combination not to miss – a fitted pair of trousers, comfortable pumps, and an elegantly crafted wool pullover will get you through winter.

23.The secret to feeling warm this winter is throwing on a cozy outfit. A floor-length ribbed vest will keep you toasty warm on those cool days, and we’ve picked out some of our favorite cold-weather accessories just in case you need them! Layer up with a toffee coat and sweater for subtle sophistication, or pair new boots with monochromatic separates for a more daring look.

24. Passionate about winter style? You may be pleasantly surprised to find that a pair of well-chosen snake boots can add pizazz and a Parisian feel to your winter wardrobe. What could be more chic and glamorous? These shoes are not just for the cold months that leave you scraping what little there is left of ice from the windowsills, but instead, offer something more for any day when you’re yearning to keep warm with an elegant found-in look. This stunner of a boot is sure to make eyes flutter as it goes by with its eye-catching beauty.

25.So, here you are with eye-catching clothes to get what you’ve been searching for! You’re always looking for that French chic look, and it’s worth the effort. This beige sweater and coat ensemble make sure that your fashion sense will never disappoint.

26. It’s time to make a statement with chic winter styling. Keep the look on-trend and add some faux fur trims, and you’re set for life! This French-style inspo encourages you to doll up your favorite skirt for winter weather and wear it proudly throughout the chilly seasons.

27. Your new winter-inspired uniform is here! This versatile plaid dress from our mix and match collection is perfect for every occasion. The French style inspo will have you looking chic yet comfortable this season. Show off in style with these well-curated patterns like pistachio green, taupe brown, or powder blue, to name just a few. Wear it on your next vacation and pair it with matching high-heels too! Trust me; you’ll love the attention you get.

28.You have buttery leather gloves in your basket and by pairing them with a crimson-red sweater. Paired together, these will take the edge off of any cold day – especially on those dark winter nights! The perfect balance is when you wear two colors, but make sure that one color keeps company with the other.

29. Work uniforms can be taken to the next level with a classic, chic look. Pair your shirt and trousers with a marvelous tanned coat that will highlight your waistline for a sophisticated twist on this timeless style.

30.Your new winter-inspired uniform is finally here! This versatile plaid dress from our mix and match collection will have you looking chic yet comfortable this season. Trust me when I say people are going to love how stunningly fabulous they think you look in it too! The French style inspo will make sure of that, but don’t worry—you’ll still be able to stay warm with the matching boots by your side.

31.It’s always a risk when you go with the odd blend but if it works, then work that camel skirt. Why not take your outfit up another level by adding in some tartan? A good way to look at fashion is like painting- every color has its own place and tone, just as each background makes different colors more interesting or less of an eyesore.

32.If Coco Chanel were alive, modern mademoiselle would wear this: a pair of pleated colorful pants with a thick wool sweater and comfortable loafers. Her eccentric purse is to die for!

33. The best part about wearing a wool sweater with the classic mini skirt is that you can introduce some daringness to it by pairing your ensemble off with an amazing coat. The sleek design of this particular jacket accentuates the waist perfectly and twists up any outfit.

34. What would a classic black outfit be without an ode to the iconic grey coat? This season, look for cozy long coats that can elevate any simplistic ensemble.

35.If you’re looking for a new coat this winter to keep warm and stay stylish at the same time, then I recommend trying out a sand-colored trench. These coats are long enough to cover your entire body when it’s cold outside. It also has an elevated look with a cozy faux fur trimming on the hood.

36. French-style follows the seasons and does not need to be extravagant. Sometimes a simple dapper look is all you need. Be sophisticated with this French-style inspo of tartan coat, grey pullover, and blue jeans. These items will pair nicely with your favorite boots this winter!

37.Fed up with the cold? We’ve got just what you need to stay warm and looking chic. This beautiful grey winter coat is suited for both work, casual wear, and a night out. Bring some style into the seasonal routine!

38.Sometimes all you need is a few products to get through those cold winter mornings. This outfit gets the job done and warms up with style. Rich, muted colors that are deep enough for wearing during the day and grey enough to work at night create an effortless look.

39.These quality French pants are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Soft grey and pale pink undertones give these suede caramel pants a chic yet gentle touch. The dark teal detail around the ankles has recently been trending in Parisian fashion journals—proving that classically sophisticated clothes will never go out of style after their initial trend phase is over.

40. The best things get better with time, and this winter wonder is evidence of that. We all know how timeless pieces like a black sheath dress, silk blouse, and saddle shoes are. Add in a long grey coat to make any ensemble feel special. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your look.

41.The woman’s style is a bit of an oddity. The black cropped sweater with long grey flared pants look like they came from two different stores, but she pulls it off well enough to make the outfit work for her own personal tastes.

42.The winter season calls for a new glam outfit, and I have just the thing! This blue jumper is structured in all of its sharp angles with no added bulk. It’s understated enough to be worn on any occasion that requires fancier attire but still has plenty of personalities when it comes to color. To round out this ensemble, we’ve got my favorite faux fur jacket—lush grey pile paired perfectly with an equally fashionable shade from head-to-toe will keep you warm through these cold months ahead.

43.Winter is the perfect time to indulge in a quintessentially French style. Whether you’re looking for cozy or chic, this inspo has got you covered! It’s all about layering this season, so make sure to invest in some stylish outerwear pieces that’ll keep your look polished.

44.Get the winter season started with a loungewear chic look. White tight trousers with an oversize knitted sweater and a long masculine coat will keep you warm throughout the first morning of January, doing whatever you love to do (work, read, drink for hours).

45.Nothing speaks of winter comfort more than an oversize knitted pullover with some black jeans and a pair of small heel boots. If it’s all-black, then you will be the chicest person on your block this holiday season!

46. It’s the perfect time to get cozy and run away from winter. Enjoy these stylish french, long-legged pants for getting out of the cold with ease! Pair them with a chunky knitted sweater you can wear loose or cinch at your waist and cute knitted boots for an uplifting look that will keep you warm all season long.

47. Some knitted pieces have a wonderful shape. Many of them have an incorporated belt to secure and accentuate the silhouette. Wearing a statement piece like this with black pants and accessories will give you a womanly feeling with elegance.

48.Every look is an all-time fave when we mix and match the latest trends. Slip-on a cozy knit sweater this winter to keep your neck warm while you glisten from head to toe in style. Snowy sneakers are not only stylish but easy! In contrast, grey plaid pants work with any outfit for a cool edge and can be worn dressy or casual to make your everyday clothing efficient.

Spring Parisian Chic Style

49.Ladylike mauve is the perfect color for spring to add lightness and elegance while maintaining a structured outfit. See this inspo where an elegant piece can look soft as well as classy.

50. Simple outfits get the most attention. Put a spin on your look by accentuating an eye-catching ensemble with a bright yellow dress and matching high heels for extra flare. If it’s icy outside, don’t forget to wear a neutral coat over top of all that if you want to be warm.

51.You better believe it! Spring is the season to wear flowers, so do it boldly with a long flowy dress. This year, floral headbands are in style too, and if you can’t decide what color looks best on your skin tone, try pink or green for translucent shades that go perfect next to any outfit.

52. With this Spring Parisian chic style, it is all about looking casual and dainty. This look relies on soft white colors to give a pastel vibe that will make you feel fresh from head to toe while also being dressed up enough for any occasion.

53. To change the vibe of a long simple dress, try pairing it with your favorite blazer in the same color. This will add sophistication without adding too much bulk to an already loose-fitting outfit. A style like this gives off a chic yet easy-going vibe with great tips on pairing compared to other spring styles. Look polished but not stressed by adding the blazer mentioned in the leaflet for a confident look.

54. The best part about this time of year is ditching the dark colors and embracing all things bright! Wear a yellow polo neck sweater with some white jeans, then finish your spring get-up by wearing green tennis shoes. You’ll be ready for warmer days in no time at all.

55. If you’ve ever seen a French woman, you know the kitted, cropped, button-down sweaters are A THING! These are the best to wear with simple light jeans and to elevate the look. You can also use some killer black heels.

56.The perfect way to capture the essence of spring is with a few choice pieces from your wardrobe. Wear blush pink, light beiges, and browns for an outfit that will make you feel as fresh as flowers blooming in their natural habitat during this season.

57. If you’re not a fan of the colder weather, then it’s time to break out your best springtime attire. I just put on my favorite striped dress with red heels and a beige coat. It can’t get any more elegant than this!

58. A pleated skirt just screams spring. This time we’re choosing a metallic texture to give more personality to it.

Mix it with mules and a rattan purse for some French vibes.

59. There’s no excuse not to stay modern in Parisian chic. With so much happening this season and last, the trend-sensitive woman on the go is forever changing her outlook for any occasion. Simple, monochromatic looks are just elegant. In this case, a light beige tone is a timeless option. Keep it chic with this look that will never go out of style.

60. Give the blue jeans, white shirt an update by wearing dared dreamy shoes with transparent heels to spice up all your looks. These boots are made for walking! The Parisian-style design is a perfect way to add color and polish to any look.

61. Mixing feminine elements. This jumper delivers a sophisticated yet cool silhouette. It’s the perfect outfit when you’re on your way to dinner with friends or just want to run an errand. Wear it for date night and be comfortable in it all through dessert!

62.Every Parisian knows a woman is more than just her clothing. She should look effortlessly stylish in everything. This set brings a light touch of France to every outfit with the perfect combination of style and fit. The shirt has long sleeves designed for being out all day without looking too hot or heavy on your arm.

The blue jeans have a slim-fitting leg that will be comfortable no matter what you do while also tucking into boots for colder days ahead. After trying this ensemble together, you won’t want to go back to wearing standard white tops and dark blue pants – it’s so much cuter!

63. For those rainy, colder spring days, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of espadrilles. The tanned leather and canvas shoes will work well for warmer weather too! Pair them up with some simple flared jeans and a loose blouse to keep it going strong all day long.

64.French-style never goes out of fashion, and this sky blue blouse is perfect for your spring wardrobe. The feminine lace collar just adds to its elegance, made more with a beautiful floral print that will have you feeling like a Parisian woman no matter where you are.

65. Melon madam! There are a couple of women that often use this pale but wonderful shade as a nail color. But what if you dress in this from head to toe?  You’ll get a warm, fun outfit.

66.Flared silk pants are the perfect choice for events this spring. They scream elegance and can also be worn with a side-cut pullover, making them versatile enough to wear on many different occasions!

French Women Summer Style

67. The white shirt dress is as much of an essential for your wardrobe as a little black dress. It gives you the same comfort and style, but it’s nice to have something that can be dressed up or down depending on what event you are attending in no time at all.

68. Elegant yet comfortable. The summer heat can be uncomfortable, so it’s always best to dress in airy and breathable styles.

69. Delicately embroidered varieties in the latest fashions. The lightweight material creates an easy-going feel to your day without sacrificing style. For a pop of color that brings beachy vibes to the city, try pairing relaxed fit crops with some lace-up espadrilles for breezy days.

70. The perfect pair of jeans is a staple in every woman’s closet. The stylish colors and shapes are only the beginning of what makes them so desirable. Pair your favorite denim with a casual yellow blazer for instantaneous chicness!

71. The last thing we need is to feel overwhelmed by the heat of the summer. Wear a cotton top and pants to feel comfortable. Is it too simple? Look more sophistication with espadrilles and a colorful purse.

72 .If there’s a time to wear a bold color is during the summer! We love orange because it’s vibrant and easy to wear day and night. A mid-sleeve will add sophistication. If you’re wearing a bold color, use black accessories. And French women know how to make a statement with a minidress.

73.I’ve always loved dresses for a multitude of reasons: they stun, they swirl, and they’re effortless. The best part is that it’s only getting better! Leather was all the rage this summer, but faux leather? It has a certain je ne sais quoi that really sets you apart at the office, yet it feels wearable enough to pour into by those days in-between.

Pair with espadrilles and simple jewelry for an effortless everyday style.

74. This quintessential French woman summer style. This sleeveless shirt dress is paired with golden sandals for a mix of tradition and trends. Let your hair flow freely into a messy ponytail to achieve that desirable Parisian air, or slick it back into an elegant bun for a more sophisticated look. To finish, don’t forget the perfect touch – wear a beautiful bracelet!

75.A stylish outfit for a day out. I love the look of this summery ensemble. The white pants and soft shirt are so fresh, while the light-colored material ensures they’re cool enough to wear on warmer days! Throw in your favorite shade of lipstick, and you’ll be ready to go take on any adventure that comes your way. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with this French fashion style.

76.Brown has been making a comeback these last couple of years, but this color is an absolute must to wear during the hot months for French women. Pair chocolate pants with espadrilles and purses that same shade so you can be fashionable.

77. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather! A blazer is a great way to dress up your shorts when you want something more formal but still laid back.

78. You’ll be set for any summer occasion with this Parisian chic look. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything too fancy because the pieces are all classics and go well with your existing wardrobe! If you’re looking to add some color but not necessarily wearing something outrageous, animal print pants and a simple black shirt will work wonders.

79. There’s no wrong way to wear this stunning black and white skirt ensemble. With a solid shirt, the outfit is ready for anything from a summer day on the beach to an evening out with your friends. This outfit mixes in some fun details for a classic black and white ensemble with puffy sleeves on the shirt that gives it more dimension. The skirt is woven for an even more unique look!

80. Go from day to night with ease! This Parisian Chic style is just what you need to achieve elegance with a monochromatic look. We prefer sandy tones that compliment your summer tan and give you the perfect excuse for always wearing white this season! Dress up for a date or dress down for dinner. This versatile trend will have everyone wanting more and more of your French fashion.

81 Get your dose of chicness today! Pair this silk grey top and blue jeans with a beautiful pair of printed heels. The color scheme is perfect for an evening out in the city. It really puts your style into perspective in an elegant yet stylish manner.

82.A monochromatic look with a hint of elegance can be achieved by pairing jeans and accessories in the same color palette. This timeless outfit is perfect for everyday wear, giving you an effortless yet professional appearance that will make any meeting or workday go smoothly.

83. With summer in full swing, we’re taking inspiration from palm trees and tropical prints. The muted color palette will let your shoe game shine just as bright! Make it a statement piece with an elegant bustier-style top.

84. Want to show off your summer tan in style? You need one of these! This cut-out, orange bathing suit is perfect for you. It will elongate and compliment your figure with its flattering design while showing off that gorgeous sunshine color on the beach this season.

85. The style is fresh and always chic, but try pairing the high-waisted trousers with some cream sandals for a summer look. Finish off your outfit by topping it all off with an elegant white cotton shirt.

86. Striped bathing suit top yellow bottoms with big stylish sunglasses. There’s nothing better for summer than to find your perfect match. The sun is out and it’s hot, so what better way to cool off than with some fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the beach or at home in your backyard. This style will keep you looking chic all day long!

87. The ultimate Parisian look for summer. Colorful espadrilles with a big tote bag and a Panama hat are the perfect accessories to pair with THE wrap dress. A baby blue, flared sleeves wonder to never miss during the heated months.

88.The whitest denim with a tailored jean jacket perfectly complements the cobbled streets of Paris. This chic look is light and fresh, perfect for sipping coquettes in cafés.

89. Sunny skies mean sunny tops! Perfect for the long, lazy days of summer. Wear a yellow blouse that accentuates your figure with white jeans and pair it off with René Caovilla sandals to add some height while keeping things light on your feet during hot months.

90.The light blue and green skirt is perfect for the spring season with a touch of femininity, still maintaining elegance. The cotton shirt provides an ideal fit to compliment any outfit while staying comfortable enough where you can easily go out all day in it without being too hot or having to stop because your clothes feel tight against your body. The chic French basket purse adds that final accessory to help complete the look effortlessly from top to bottom.

91. Pull out your most Parisian chic beach gear to show off your summer style! With this bright yellow bikini and a matching large bright yellow hat with a brim, you’ll be ready to sip on champagne by the pool all day. Be sure not to forget anything else that will complete your outfit: sunglasses for eye protection and stylish flip-flops so you can avoid any heat tingles.

92.With a relaxed and breezy summer evening on the horizon, you need to dress accordingly. Pairing this printed mini skirt with an embroidered top is perfect for warmer nights out! With its feminine appeal and alluring details, it’s sure to make any night memorable. To complete your look, pair these heels that will help get you through those long walks around town without tiring too quickly-they’re just what every girl needs in her closet during summer.

93.For the perfect summer night out to a casual, laid-back event, wear white in all its many forms. A crisp shirt with an open knot at your chest and embellished sandals will take you from day into evening flawlessly!

94.The perfect outfit for the office, a night out with friends, or anything in between. This shirt dress is versatile without sacrificing sophistication. The toffee color of this adorable button-down will make you feel like you’re really on vacation during those long summer months when sunbathing remains an unattainable goal while simultaneously matching perfectly with black accessories and pumps that go well beyond formal wear.

Button Line

French women have a reputation for being chic and fashionable. They know the importance of dressing well, but they don’t always follow trends to do so. Instead, they find their own style by combining elements from different decades together in unique and personal ways.

This blog post introduces you to more than 75 stylish fashion ideas straight out of France-style clothing inspiration for every woman! Whether you’re looking for something feminine or edgy, classic or modern, we hope these outfits will give you some fresh new looks and inspire your wardrobe creativity this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Clothing Style in France?

The clothing style in France is chic, with a particular focus on neatness and sophistication. In general, couture combines luxury and elegance all at once.

Every French woman looks timeless when she dons couture by Chanel or Dior because these designers give ample attention to structure, details, and textures, and an artful display of fabrics such as lace.

Indeed, it should come as no surprise that one would associate France with fashion – be it high fashion or everyday wear.

How to Dress in a French Girl ( Woman) Style?

The “French style” of dress usually wearers by girls and women alike is chic, elegant, and romantic. When dressing in this “modern-day French Girl” fashion, you’ll want to wear natural or neutral colors on the top half of your body. On the bottom half of your body, colorful accents are encouraged!

You may also want to layer a gorgeous skirt. Accessories like scarves, hats, and hoop earrings look great with any outfit—Lady’s classic black with a long sweater if you’re feeling cold during the autumn and winter months dress with w/ruffles & pearls.

What are French fashion brands?

The French have had an enormous influence on fashion and culture around the world. When it comes to fashion, France’s impact can’t be denied. From designers like Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier to models like Jeanne Damas, French style is distinctive and iconic.

As such, the following are some of the chic and timeless brands for everyday life from France: Sézane, Sandro, Maje, Zadig & Voltaire, IRO Claudie Pierlot.

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