Inspired by the recent exposition of Brassaï at Hotel de Ville, photographic portraits and emotive and sentimental shots Is THE topic to talking about, and can be heard at each apéro table down Rue Montergueil and is on everybody’s lips here in Paris.

Fashion in Paris

Sandra portrait by Heidi Photography

Recently, FYP had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Sandra Zemanova, photographer, and owner of Rubi Photography. It was then when looking through her work, did we see the same emotional connection, and eye for beautiful simpilicity, that made Brassaï’s work stand out all those years ago.

Fashion in Paris

Having moved from Prague in 2006, to Paris, Sandra’s story resembles something of a fairy-tale. In the pursuit of love (*sigh *) Sandra left behind Prague: her town, friends, studies, and family, and started her new life with her ‘amour’ in Paris.

Fashion in Paris

The desire for a new start led Sandra to photography; a subject that was as she describes ‘magical’ and ‘non stereotypical’, and so Rubi Photography was born.

Fashion in Paris

Inspired by Lee Jeffries, Dorothea Lange and Diane Arbus, portraits are Sandra’s passion.  Moreover, the world of the ‘newborn’ is her raison d’etre, Nostalgic for the era when simplicity ruled the world of art, and the beauty of the photograph was the discrete elements, untouched, natural and pure; Sandra found all these within the intimate world of the parents and their newborns.

Fashion in Paris Her passion is clear and shines through her images, to see more of Sandra’s work visit her website at  And have a peak at the images from the shoot with Linda (add link).


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