My Little French Shop

The clue to this article is in the title, although sadly FYP cannot calm this particular ‘Little French Shop’ as our own, as much as we would like to! ‘My Little French Shop’ is the work of Eve: owner, maker, designer, and curator, and came into life as she had always ‘wanted a little shop in France.’ Eve’s amour for Paris is only something felt within her heart, but it also flows through her veins, with her Grandmother being French.

Fashion in Paris

Eve is a natural artist at heart, having studied and worked in fashion and photography in Paris, Florence and in New York, and takes her inspirations from words and shapes, seen in the bold designs and slogans she uses on her Paris & French Totes, Bags & Backpacks and PDF Prints with her collections.

Fashion in Paris

The high quality of her craftsmanship and attention to detail stems from her “statement follows function” mentality, which ensures the finest finish to all her articles she produces.

Fashion in Paris

Find Eve’s bags and ‘My Little French Shop’ at her E-boutique on ( or on Facebook (

Fashion in Paris


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