Estée Lauder Derek Lam Anniversary Collection

Estée Lauder have combined forces of top designers: Tom Pécheux and Derek Lam, to create the new must-have, limited edition accessory. As a celebratory release to mark the 10 years since Estée Lauder’s creative director,Tom Pécheux, first took charge of beauty at Derek Lam,  they have created a clutch together, combining haute couture fashion with beauty essentials.

Fashion in ParisInside the super-chic clutch bag, you will find your haute couture kit for next season’s essential make-up, including eye-shadow, a lip color, a gloss, a kohl crayon and a mascara.

Fashion in Paris

Being Limited Edition, it is clear this clutch, is the perfect combination of fashion and make-up, and is going to fly off the shelves- Time to hit the shops quick!

Fashion in Paris

Estée Lauder Derek Lam Collection,
€90, available from 27 January 2014, limited edition.


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