The Perfect Christmas Gift

With Christmas approaching quicker than we want to admit, the daunting prospect of starting the Christmas shopping is soon to become reality. Every year, there are a handful of people who put us to shame by finishing their Christmas shopping by the 1st of November, and buy throughout the year to spread the cost. We wish we had that economic logic, but unfortunately Galarie LaFayette change their stock too regularly for that to happen…

However, here at FYP, we have found the parfait way to ease yourself into the noir of ‘Christmas shopping’.

Let us introduce ‘Au Fil d’Antan’. ‘Au Fil d’Antan’ is the textilestyle brand of Carolina, that specializes in producing handmade textile arts and crafts from vintage fabrics.

Fashion in Paris

Carolina’s story begins when she was only 5 years old in Chili, when she made her first pieces of embroidery. These tentative first steps into the world of fabrics and haberdashery then developed into a passion for sewing and which carried her through to adulthood with a successful career in textile restoration and conservatory.

Fashion in Paris

Carolina- Owner and creative designer

Not only did Carolina dream of being a textile artist when she was little, but she also dreamt of coming to France, to fall in love… Swoon! Just as every other girl does, (including ourselves!)

Shopping in Paris

But as we have seen with the examples of our other Parisian Designers, dreams can and do come true, and this was the exactly the case for Carolina. Not only has she lived in France for six years now, with her French husband, in Versailles, but she is a successful businesswomen and designer with her brand ‘Au Fil d’Antan’.

Fashion in Paris

The fabrics used to create the collection for ‘Au Fil d’Antan’ are vintage and antique French fabrics, each hand-selected by Carolina on her travels around France. Her textiles make the perfect gift, with items such as door hangers, lavender pouches, pie-carriers, laundry bags as well as clutches, purses and bags.

Shopping in ParisEach piece is handmade, and individual and so are of limited-edition, with her collection constantly being updated with new pieces!

Fashion in Paris

‘Au Fil d’Antan’ is sold on through the e-boutiques at

and at


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