So sweet! Le Parfum de ParisMarais


PARISMARAIS le parfum, available on a limited basis at Senteurs de Fée.

The great couturier Christian Dior once proclaimed that “a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” If so, the new eponymous perfume from the comprehensive travel site ParisMarais is bound to proclaim its wearer as elegant and refined, a fashionable woman with a taste for luxury. The scent, composed exclusively for the company by perfumer Katia Bielli, will evoke an intense and playful spirit reminiscent of the Baroque era. With intoxicating amber notes followed by lavender and sous bois, the perfume, which is made with natural essences, brings back the luxury found during the Golden Age of the Marais hotels. The perfume will be available at Senteurs de Fée and select Parisian hotels for 55 euros a bottle (100ml). Only 300 bottles will be available, so pick one up quickly! Spritz some on while lounging around in one of the Marais’ gilded hotel lobbies- très soigné!

PARISMARAIS le parfum, 55 euros for 100ml. Available at Senteurs de Fée, 10 rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris.

For information on shopping, eating, clubbing, sleeping and more in the Marais district, check out!


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