Rad and Ready for Rain! The cutest Rain Boots and Raincoats

Paris, along with London, is known for is sudden-and frequent-rainfalls. This makes dressing a challenge (more than it already is in this style-obsessed city), as you always have to be prepared for bad weather. Rain boots are the footwear of choice for situations like this; it’s cute, versatile and perfectly waterproof. Of course, that won’t save your hair and outfit from getting wet- you need a (cute) raincoat for that. Thus, here’s a collection of Paris-perfect rain boots and raincoats for your next afternoon storm!

If you’re going for an understated and elegant look…


Towne by London Fog Raincoat


Tory Burch Rain Boots

If you like a chic and fashion-forward look…


RED Valentino Clear Rain Coat


RED Valentino Pink Rain Booties

To get the girly and colorful look…


Yumi Raincoat from Modcloth


Floral Rain Boots by John Lewis

All images were taken from Polyvore.com

How will you be dressing up the next time it rains? Let us know in the comments section!

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