Paris, Made to Order: A guide to Custom-Made Goods PART 2

Oh la la, le soleil!
With the sun shining on the boulevards of Paris, it seems that everyone’s looking to shorten their skirts and lighten their mood. One effective and sophisticated way to change your mood is with a new scent- why not get one custom made just for you? ❤


This elegant little boutique- run by the equally elegant Stéphanie de Bruijn- lets you create the scent you’ve been dreaming of (…with a little help, of course.) Although prices aren’t low per se, with custom scents starting from 3000 euros, it’s definitely a steal, keeping in mind that a custom-made Gueralin or Jean Patou can easily cost 10000. With the sparkling creation coming in beautiful vintage bottles, it’s a perfect Parisian gem to add to your collection. Who knows, it scent might even bring you back here… just ask Proust!

52 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris








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