Meet the Fabulous Team


Linda…Your Personal Shopper and Guide in Paris!

Shopping Paris

Since being a little girl, I have dreamed of living in Paris and waking up with a view of the Eiffel Tower as I sip my coffee and eat my freshly baked morning croissant. Parfait non? 

Having grown up in Italy and studied in the US and UK, I finally settled in Paris. Although I may not see the Eiffel Tower everyday with the sun romantically peering through my window, it is not too far off my fantasy.

Some may describe me as an out-going Italiana, but Paris is the place I now call home and where I feel most comfortable. For me, I can indulge in my passion for fashion and am lucky enough to call it my job.What could be better?


Harry …Your Correspondent from Paris!


Having recently relocated to the other side of the Channel Tunnel, my dream of the Parisian life is within touching reach.

Chic, elegant, effortless and flawless; I aspire to become one of those breath-taking ladies.

For those who know me, I am a slightly mad English girl with an impressive mane of bouncy blonde curls. I am anything but the vision I wish to become.

So for those of us who need a little bit of a helping hand at becoming such a lady,I am your correspondent from Paris for everything fabulous, chic or ‘a la mode’ in Paris.


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