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Parisian Fashion Story

I’m on a mission to help fabulous women like you incorporate Parisian Chic into
your wardrobe and develop a timeless personal style

I’m on a mission to help fabulous women like you incorporate Parisian Chic into your wardrobe and develop a timeless personal style

Write your very own

Parisian fashion story

I’m on a mission to help fabulous women like you incorporate Parisian Chic into your wardrobe and develop a timeless personal style

Do you always feel like you have nothing to wear—despite a wardrobe full of clothes?

It’s time for a girls’ night . You open your wardrobe to pick out the perfect outfit.

Only… it doesn’t exist.

You try pairing your favorite silk top with a pair of tailored pants. Hmm… Or what about a flowy skirt instead?

Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour figuring out what to wear. It’s time to go, so you go with whatever you’re already wearing. And you’re not in LOVE with it.

And the sad truth is, this happens wayyyy too often to you....

Shopping for more clothes doesn’t seem to solve the problem. In fact, the more you buy, the more frustrated you become when dress-up time comes around.

You’ve already scoured Pinterest for outfit ideas, tips on how to dress Parisian, and how to build a capsule wardrobe that you’re in love with. But none of your search results have given you the answer to dressing like your chic and timeless Parisian style icon

You’re at your wit’s end, and you need advice that works.

Here’s how Fabulous You Paris can help

Bid adieu to frustrating wardrobe guesswork and become the Parisian Chic style icon you’ve always admired.

The Parisian Chic Style File​

Dive into the dreamy world of Parisian Chic with me.

Get instant style tips and inspiration, and uncover the best-kept shopping secrets and destinations in Paris.

Plus, read about my Parisian encounters and visits to vintage boutiques, Parisian cafes, and other lifestyle locations in the City of Light and love.

Styling with Linda

Bespoke shopping tours and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in either Paris or the comfort of your own home. You’ll leave with your new wardrobe favorites and/or a Chanel bag-full of wardrobe inspiration.

You can choose between:

  • The Fashionista Experience
  • The VIP Experience
  • The Virtual Experience

The Parisian Chic Site Shop

No more wardrobe woes!

You don’t have to be physically in Paris to dress like a Parisian.

Shop pieces carefully curated by me and build a timeless Parisian Chic wardrobe that you can’t get enough of. Make your experience the best one with a glass of champagne in hand!


Kind words from past clients

Who doesn’t love Paris?

Paris — the City of Light and Love for a reason.

About Me

Bonjour from Paris

Enchanté! I’m Linda,your go to stylist, expert, and curator of Parisian Chic

Founder of Fabulous You Paris and a lover of all things Parisian and chic, my purpose is to help fabulous women like you fall in love and feel confident in your personal style

Parisian Chic is iconic; it’s instantly recognizable and well-loved around the world. But I know (first-hand) that it can be quite intimidating. In the past, you might have tried to add some Parisian Chic to your wardrobe—without much success. Or, you night have held back from trying at all, because you didn’t know if you can pull off a très chic style. 

I want you to know that you CAN be Parisian Chic — even if you’ve never been to Paris and regardless of your lifestyle, or budget. With strategies that celebrate what makes you you, I can help you refine your wardrobe and dress it up with Parisian Chic, so that you can live out your Parisian dreams and step into the best you: confident, radiant, and proud of your personal style.

Want a sneak-peek into Styling with Linda?

My personal and virtual styling services help you incorporate Parisian Chic into your personal style through wardrobe inspiration, styling tips and tricks, and curated shopping experiences. The process couldn’t be more seamless, and you can be anywhere in the world—in Paris or at home. 

All styling packages include a personal consultation that allows me to get to know you and everything about your style, including your style icons, inspirations, goals, and past headaches.

I then tailor your styling experience to your preferences and budget.

At Fabulous You Paris, we value: 

After our session together, you will leave with actionable strategies and beloved pieces to add to your wardrobe, so that you can embrace your inner Parisian Chic!


The Parisian Chic Style File

Your must-read blog for resources and inspiration to build your perfect Parisian Chic wardrobe. Plus, join me on my Parisian adventures—it’s like going on the best girls’ trip ever! 

Parisian Chic Style Inspiration
Shopping Parisian Chic
Café Chat with Linda

The Parisian Chic Site Shop

Build your Parisian Chic wardrobe with just a few clicks. All items are carefully curated and have passed Linda’s tough style test.


Our monthly Parisian rendezvous

Join The Fabulous Community to learn more about the French wardrobe philosophy, soak up Parisian Chic style inspiration and tips.

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